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My 3 Day On 1 Off Workout

Hey everyone, I wanted to say thanks to everyone for welcoming me into the community. Ok well here is the work out I used when I train. It’s basically for weight loss but it’s helped a lot as far as getting toned getting lean.

Bike ride on actual bike at least half hour a day. I found that riding a real bike makes the time go by a little faster and I can keep my heart rate at a good constant.

I ride back and forth to the gym if the weather permits.(Not hard in Vegas and Flordia where I usually am)

All work outs have about 5 sets of abs. My final set is usually a burn out set.

Day 1: Chest/Tricep/Shoulder Day 2: Bicep/Back

Day 2:Back/Bicep calves

Day 3: Quads/Hams-Calves

Day 4: Off

Day 5: Repeat
Day 6: Repeat
Day 7: Repeat

This work out can work wonders for losing weight. High intensity and just zip thru it. I am usually done in about 40 mins (excluding the bike ride)

I use this work out maybe 2x a year at 10 week at a time and it’s helped me a lot. Hope it helps someone out there too.

Maria Dee

I think that’s a common split, Maria. But I always wonder why folks who do that don’t separate the 2 consecutive upper body days with a leg day. Or at least keep the back day separated from the leg day by doing their push day in between.

Then again I tend to overthink my routines. lol

Ya, i love to use either 3on 1off or 2on 1 off. They have brought me the best results - it is the perfect work:rest ratio for me for muscle growth.

And it’s a good job i am a married man… ;p j/k