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My 3/5/1 Simplest Strength Clusterbang

I like looking at logs, realized this site doesn’t have a enough, and would like to be consistant with posting my own. Hope this leaves something for others to learn from. I will be posting more than one day at a time, cuz life is easy that way.

September Goal: Fat Loss

Monday 9/3
Squat 170x5, 210x5, 250x5 Supersetted with Box Jumps
Squat 295x3,335x3,380x9 Supersetted with Tricep Pushdowns 3x10
DB incline 40x5, 50x5 Supersetted with Plyo pushups
DB incline 65x8, 75x8, 85x6 Supersetted with Pullup Variations 3x10
Pendlay Rows 100x5,125x5, 150x8,175x8, 200x6 Supersetted with Dragon Flags
Stretch + Done

Treadmill Walking

Wednesday 9/5
Squat 170x5, 210x5 Supersetted with squat jumps
Squat 250x8, 295x8, 335x6 Supersetted with face pulls 3x10
Bench 130x5, 160x5,190x5 Supersetted with Plyo Pushups
Bench 225x3, 255x3, 290x7 Supersetted with Pullup variations 3x10
1arm Row 50x5,60x5, 70x8, 85x8, 95x6 Supersetted with Side bends, next week it will be suitcase deadlifts

Beat the meat- right hand supersetted with stick finger in anus- left hand

400M sprints, stretch

Note that saturday is my 3rd lifting day this week
I do Carb Cycling, found here http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance_nutrition/how_bodybuilders_should_eat
Monday and Saturday are High days, wednesday is a Medium day, all other days are low days: note my goal is fat loss so strength is at maintenance levels, especially since this is early in the program and there is a large discrepancy between training maxes and actual maxes

Any Questions feel entitled to ask,if you have Criticisms even more so, I’m all for provocative conversation