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My 2nd IFBB Comp, Pics


Hi guys, just completed my second IFBB comp with a 3rd place.









comparison back

Im green shorts, Blue shorts came in 2nd and the guy in the purple/green/red/blue shorts came 1st


Good effort. Keep working on bringing up triceps and calves.


Congratulations on the placing! Your delts look thick man! It's hard to say from just a few pictures, but I think your conditioning was a little better your first comp, you don't look quite as tight in the midsection in these pictures. Did you change anything up with your peak week/day of show protocol?


Thanks mate, yeah arms, calfs, shoulders and arms are the areas of concern i think. will be working on them over this year


Cheers mate,

I was a little leaner in my last show but i didnt place because i didnt have enough size.. this time i was trying to focus on coming in still nice and lean but staying a bit fuller. I change a few things, i didnt sodium depleat and i also upped my carbs just to try get that thickness back..

Will be playing around with some other tecniques for my next comp so i can try and find whats best for me..


I hear ya Jordan, gotta find that sweet spot! That year long offseason before nationals should give you time to put on some quality stage weight where you'll be able to get shredded without worrying bout being too small :slightly_smiling:


Yeah mate thats the plan :slight_smile: its a good amount of time for me to really focus on improvement without me having to keep leaning down. the whole contest prep seems to take its toll after a while..


Here's a little vid of the pre judging guys :slightly_smiling: