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My 2nd Cycle

Ok, I used winny and var back in August. I noticed a nice change in body composition, decent strength gains and my weight went from 173 to 178. However, my weight returned to 173 when I went off cycle. I didn’t notice a difference in bf.

Now I want to do a cycle of injectibles. I’m looking at test cypionate, eq, and deca. Whichever two I go with I’m thinking I’ll use 400-500 mg/wk. I want to do an 8 week cycle and I’ll use 250g HCG in wk 3 and 6. I’ll use Nolvadex for PCT.

I got sick for a couple of weeks during Thanksgiving and I wasn’t eating much and didn’t lift for two weeks. My weight is now down to 163. Myself and my friends don’t notice a real difference in the way I look, though I do notice a strength reduction. I want to put on some serious mass this time followed by a real solid cutting program I have planned afterwards. I still want to end up at 185 lbs, though I’m not sure how close I’ll be able to end up when I go off cycle and then get cut. This is where I’m currently at and I’m ready for any feedback.

Ok I talked to my source today. This is what we are talking about now: 250 mg/wk of Sust 250, maybe jump it up to 500 mg/wk for a couple weeks, 250 mg/wk of deca, 10 or 12 wk cycle. Ten days of Nolvadex at 40 mg, then 20 days of Nolva at 20 mg. He said he wasn’t familiar with using HCG during my cylce, only afterwards. Guys I’d really appreciate a little feedback here. Thanks.

In my humble opinion…250w sust and 250w deca, sucks…The deca will be enough to kill your dic and give you very minimal gains and I hate planning cycles around sust. A few of the esters will be working right away at very low doses while the longer acting one will be so sparse it will not even be enough to get your dick back to working from the deca and I will also stick around long enough in your system to ruin your pct.
Get some Test enanthate and do a simpler cycle that you will see better and consistent results from. i.e.

week 1
1000mg test e
750mg deca

week 2
750mg test e
500mg deca

500mg test
250mg deca

start nolva 100mg ed
w12 nolva60mg ed
w13-14 nolva 2mg ed

run ferma or letrozole at a low dose through the cycle to keep estrogen low, side effect minimal, and recovery faster and easier.
Hope this helps and hopefully many others will tell you their thoughts aswell…

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“Get some clomid for your PCT. I know DA disagrees with me on this one as he reckons that nolvadex is sufficient. Nolvadex will block estrogen receptors better than clomid, however PCT should be a two-pronged attack. Yes you need to reduce the effects of estrogen but it is ESSENTIAL to restore testicular function ASAP. Nolva will not do this, clomid will.”

Gonna respectfully disagree as well. Although I do this purely from the reading I’ve done and don’t have extensive personal experience to back this stance. Nolva and clomid are, according to a few articles I’ve read, essentially the same compound only nolva is stronger and requires a lower dosage to achieve the same effect.

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Clomid is BOTH an anti-estrogen AND a test booster. It is a mild estrogen itself (but much weaker than reg. estrogen) and also stimulates the body to produce LH which will produce test and help get your hormones back in order.

Nolvadex is ONLY an anti-estrogen. It too is a weak estrogen and will bind to estrogen sites keeping reg. estrogen from doing their thing. However, Nolvadex DOES NOT increase LH. They are two different drugs that just have a similar effect on estrogen.

You guys know more about gear than I do, but as illustrated by this thread there are many different opinions out there. Anything over 500 mg/wk of Test sounds like a lot to me. I didn’t think I should go over 1,000 mg/wk when combining the two I go with. Since this is my first cycle of injectibles I’ve read that it’s better to start with lower dosages so you don’t build up a tolerance so that future cycles are harder to achieve results.

Darkangel, on the cylce you outlined you forgot to mention what I should do for weeks 9 and 10. So regardless of if I use 250 mg/wk of 750 of Deca my sex drive will be nonexistent or I just can’t get hard? Guess I need to do some research on letrozole now and see how I should incorporate that.

I’m really excited to get started on another cycle, just need to figure out exactly what is best for me at this time. Losing those 10lbs is really setting me back. Now in order to reach the weight I’ve been shooting for I need to gain 25 and maintain 20, rather than only needing to put on 15 and maintaining 10. So if I run my cyle for Feb and March, should I wait till June to start cutting? That’s the other thing that will hurt me in wanting to stay at 185 is that I’ll lose more weight when I cut. Anyways sorry for the rant. I’m open to your thoughts.

I left out weeks 9-10 because the long acting esters of deca and test E will still be running strong enough in you that it would be pointless to start pct during that time.

Also the 750mg deca and 1000mg test, are both frontloads to get you blood levels up at the start of your cycle then you run the rest as I stated and with double the amount of test over deca should keep your dick working just fine.

Hope this helps

Ok I have two questions. I may be going on spring break during my cycle. Will not lifting and eating as much while on cycle have much impact on my results? Also, I was talking to my source yesterday and when we were talking about various types of steroids he said that some may results in nose bleeds because they increase your blood pressure.

When he said that I realized that that must have been why I got such bad nose bleeds while on my first cycle. I told him this and he said he’s never heard of anyone getting them from var and winny, I had assumed it was just because fall was nearing and the dry air was causing me to have them. I got some pretty nasty nose bleeds and bought this gel that I put in my nose to prevent them. I guess I’ll just have to use it everynight on my next cylce and hope it prevents them.

Sorry bro no clue about nose bleeds but, please don’t waste any of your cycle by not eating and training right. If you go out benge drinking, not training, and eating like shit in the middle of your cycle you might just shoot the whole thing. I mean it is deffinantly possible to go on spring break and still train and eat right so do what you got to do. Good luck and keep us up to date.