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My 2nd Cycle. What Do You Think?


I'm 32..6'1"..242lbs. Been training off and on since high school. Been at it for 2 and a half years thus far consistently. Want to run a longer cycle...ran my first for 12wks and finished up about 4 months ago. My body seems to enjoy retaining a certain degree of fat..I really need to b at about 220lbs with the muscle mass I have right now to feel and look pretty good IMO.

Couple lifts right now:
DEADS: 365x5
SQUATS: 315x10

I did get lazy on the diet and gained 10-15lbs since ending last cycle. Lost some strength most of which seems to b my bench.

Anyways this is what I want to run and would love some input!! I know it's long....and yes I am concerned about recovery...

WKS 1-23

WKS 1-20
500mg T-E

WKS 1-9
80mg var

WKS 15-23
80mg var

WK 24
100mg clomid
40mg nolva

Wks 25-28
50mg clomid
40mg nolva

25mg clomid
20mg nolva

WK 4-23
HCG 250iu E3D


If you know the cycle is long, and you are concerned about recovery, why don't you run multiple shorter cycles of 8-10 weeks?


That's the thing...I'm torn. I want to try a longer cycle. I love being on...and if I could choose a half of the year to be on it would be summer into spring.

I need to continue cutting and don't want to begin losing muscle.

If things don't work out the way I like it may only b short cycles from here on out.


I'd run way more test E for a shorter cycle like 12 weeks


BTW thx for the response!!!


IDK NOW!! I feel like shorter cycles would b better.. But on the other hand I would like to just stay on for good!!!! But I want damned children..little bastard is already robbing me of happiness !!! Lol


I meant on my prior post summer into fall...although really I would love to just stay on 4ever...


If you know multiple shorter cycles are a better choice, then why are you still considering the longer one?

What was your first cycle?


I have read quite a bit but actually "know" very little as I only have one cycle of first hand experience to go off of. I guess that's why I sought the input of some bros here.

My first cycle was 500mg of testE a week AND 50mg of var a day for the last 8 wks of the 12wk cycle.


Bump the dose a little, and do shorter cycles IMO.


You want nolva on hand for gyno, to block the estrogen, then up the dosage of Arimidex or letro to prevent aromatization. Using Arimidex and having nolva should do, no need for letro unless gyno has severely developed or you are really sensitive to estrogen.


Oh, and taper the test and avoid the use of hcg, if you can.