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My 2nd Cycle. What do ya Think?

1st cycle was test-e 250 twice a week for 12 weeks backed with nolva…

New cycle 14 weeks. anadrolic, test 400, and stanabol

Starting off with anadrolic 50mg ed for 4 weeks while pining t400 twice aw for 12 weeks. On week 8 going to start the winny and run it 2 weeks after test is done. Using hcg twice a week around week 5 till the end with arimidex on week 12 threw 15.

5’10" 193 at 12%bf.
What kinda gains r to be expected?

Some statements are confusing but I’ll do the best I can, and you can come in with any additional info if you so desire. So a kick start with 50mg of Anadrol is fine IMO. You seem somewhat experienced so I won’t go into the anadrol/Test side effects discussion.

So you drop the Anadrol after 4 weeks and continue to week 12 with test. Here is where it gets confusing. You stated pinning T400 twice a week. Does that mean 800mg/week or some amount over 400 ? If you are between 500-800mg/wk I would recommend to stay in that range.Then you are going to run winny for 6 weeks beginning on week 8 and this would continue 2 weeks after your last test shot at week 12. It seems like your intent is to tighten up and loose water after the test subsides. If you can run winny at 50mg a day that is the usual protocol.

You can also use winny at the kick with the Adrol to control progestational sides at 20mg a day (oral winny makes this easier, but then you are using 2 17Aa’s which may be stressful on the liver but for 4-5 weeks you should be OK if you have no other liver issues). Again if you would post more accurate dosages I would get a more detailed perspective of the cycle. BTW, a cycle I would like to employ as a change from the common Dbol/winny cycle.

Sorry about the confusion. The test is 400mg per cc. So i’m gunna pin two 3/4cc a week should put me in the ball park of 650 to 700mg a week depending on how leget the gear is I may go for the whole 800mg a week. I know the anadrol if the real deal a friend gained 40lbs in 4 weeks with 600mg of test-e and the green giants.

And yes the winny is oral at 50mg ed.
My goal is 10 to 15lbs of solid hard mass. I beleve i’ll gain prolly 20 to 25lbs with the water retention, then the winny should help with that. I also use clen at 200mcg ed for the first week of every month.

I show carbs nasty so my diet is about 150carbs for three days then 400 on the forth day. At least 100oz of water, 350 to 400 grams of protien. And less than 50g of sugar ed.
Any feedback will be helpfull.

OK…so we have everything covered except for the on cycle estrogen control and PCT (post cycle therapy).

It’s great that you have HCG, Nolva., and Arimidex on hand. You seem to have stated the usual protocol in reverse. By that I mean nolvadex is not usually run as part of the steroid cycle, but rather kept on hand
if gyno symptoms arise (to include too much water retention for your liking or fat build-up).

The Adex however has been used to a great degree on-cycle. A good place to start is .5mg/day, and from there monitor
estrogen related effects and “body-mind” feedback. In other words try to maintain an acceptable level of estrogen without driving it to low. Many advise against running HCG on cycle, but the going rate is
250iu EOD.

If you need more info on dosages and timeframes just respond. :slight_smile:

Is this your plan?

Wk 1-12 600mg Test400 (2 inj. @ 3/4cc OR 300mg)
Wk 1-4 Anadrol (50mg ED)
Wk 8-14 Winstrol (50mg ED)
Wk 5-12? HCG ???iu (2 inj/wk)
Wk 12-15 Adex ???mg ED/EOD?


He also has nolva, correct 86 ?


That’s 250iu not mg for hcg.

You’re right DH. Will edit.

Weeks 1-12 600mg Test per week
Weeks 1-4 50mg/day Anadrol
Weeks 6-14 250iu HCG every 3 days
Weeks 8-12 50mg/day Winstrol

Arimidex on hand in case of any estrogen sides and I will run .5mg every 4 days.
I have nolva from chemone, didn’t need it after my first cycle. Don’t think i’ll need it this time but still safe to have right?

It’s definitely SMART to have everything you can on hand, especially when combining Test + Drol because for some its very harsh.

And dont underestimate anadrol. Just because you didnt have any estrogen related sides your first cycle doesnt mean the good ol A bombs wont give it to you this time around.

And this process is seemingly backwards. You’re putting together a cycle then asking us what gains would be expected when you should be asking yourself what goals you want to reach and putting together a cycle based on that.


Thats what i did but I thought just maybe someone out there in T-land has ran somthing similar. I’m so sorry I do sincerly appologise.

No reason to be sorry, just making sure you’re putting together a cycle based on your goals not because someone told you to try it out. I mean honestly everyone’s looking for size/strength but some in bulk and others in moderation.

Good luck.