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My 2nd Cycle. Test E, Dbol, LGD


Started lifting when I was 20, got serious about it 1.5yrs ago
Powerlifting for the last yr. Squat 315 bench 340lbs deadlift 455(training will be focused on improving my squat)

Test E-500mg wk split dose wks1-12
Dbol- 50mg/day split dose( I would prefer dosing 3x a day but I have 50mg/tabs) wks1-4
Sarm LGD- 10mg/day wks 1-12
Adex- .5mg eod wks 1-18
For my pct I have torem, clomid, and adex. I know I don’t need both serms, I am currently trying to make sense of KSmans pct protocol and using a serm during cycle.
Now regarding LGD I have used S4 and Ostarine. I loved s4 minus the yellowing of your vision. Ostarine was also good but I could tell it was suppressive after 6wks 25mg/day. I ordered LGD earlier and after research found it to be very suppressive so I’ve saved it for this cycle. My focus is strictly strength so the one question I have is upping the dose of test e to 700wk or 850wk worth it. My first cycle consisted of test E 500mg/wk 12wks and tren ace 75mg. Worst 1st cycle but I’m ready to redeem myself lol. Last cycle was 1yr ago


I’ll be incorporating 20mg clomid eod during cycle also after reading KSmans post.