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My 2nd Cycle Is in Order

I scheduled an appt.to have blood work done in 2 weeks.A physician told me today a 10 week cycle of deca and test will run about 560$.This is two 10cc 200 mgs per ml bottles of each,and it includes the estrogen blockers.

Does anyone think this is an ok deal or will it be better to try and find em on the black market.He tried to get me to buy that growth horomone along with it,but that shit is so fucking expensive!He said I’ll retain 75% of what I gain with the test and deca,but if I supp the hgh I’ll retain 95% of it.Personally I think he’s just trying to push his product on that one.I also have those d-bol tabs I can throw in there.

I’m sorry about the previous post,but i really need to start gaining that weight.I know alot of people are going to be pissed reading this,and I know u guys are just looking out,but tell me why.I’ve meet hundreds of guys my size and smaller who have juiced.Look guys like Hoyce gracy he weighs what a buck 175,Anyone gonna criticize him for using roids,or Floyd Maywether Jr,or Felix Trinidad.Some of us are lightweights and were going to be the rest of our careers.So please use constructive criticism.

PS.Someone would actually perscribe something that is that bad for you?That fact is I got just a little taste of what roids can do for you,and i miss it.Its by far the best drug I’ve ever tried in my life.Simple n plain

Hey mls jr.,

Well let’s look at it this way. On the plus side, if you get a script you know for sure that you are getting what you paid for. On the black market it’s a 50/50 chance. There are tons and tons of fakes out there.

With a script you are not breaking any laws as you are safe. On the black market, you could be getting set up, pulled over by the cops with AAS in them, what ever. You are breaking the law. Well that is if you are in the US.

With a script your doctor will monitor your liver, lipid, BP, etc, to keep you healthy since he prescribed these for you. On the black market your source doesn’t give a fuck about you unless you keel over because he sold you tainted shit! That means he’s gotta get the hell outta dodge!

Well you get the idea, if you trust your source then yes you could get your gear ALOT cheaper. And I really recommend that you see a doctor for some tests before, during, after your cycle to make sure everything returns to baseline or that you are healthy from the get go.

Just be careful with these drugs, they can be great additions to an already solid training, nutrition program. But they are drugs that can potentially affect your health if not used properly. Good luck bro!

How much is alot cheaper?Whats the going price of the black market?

This post is so fishy, it ain’t even funny. So, a doctor, who spent 10 years, not to mention how much money, to get his license, is prescribing steroids to a healthy man? Am I being Punked here?

Let me ask you something, or anybody for that matter. When was the last time you went to the doctor, he prescribed something for you, and he told you how much it costs? Doctors generally don’t know how much meds cost, other than that they usually prescribe generic brands when they can.

Doctors practice medicine, pharmicies sell medications. And when you go in there with your script for your juice, they are going to call your doctor to verify that he truly is a dumbass, providing that what you say is true.


I’m on hrt my doc gave 3 10 week cycles .the pharmacy bill was 990.my doc charged me 100.