My 2nd Cycle. Critique or Roast Me

Hi guys,

Along the way with my 2nd cycle now.
My first ever cycle was purely just 500mg of test for 12 weeks and then come off with PCT of nolva.

I’m starting my 2nd cycle now and currently a week in… Kind of. Been sent some absolute dog tren which is underdosed or not even tren.
But have ordered from a different site and hopefully arriving tomorrow.
Guess it’s a good thing as able to load my Test E slightly before starting tren.
Week 1 to 2: 125mg of test e twice a week
Weeks 2 to 10: 125mg of test twixe a week and 50mg of tren ace ED with caber and arimidex dosed at 0.25 for each twixe a week.
PCT with nolva once again.

Pretty standard or am I being silly?


That is a lot of tren

Get ready to be roasted like a rotisserie chicken… what were we talking about again?

Tren on your second cycle…how did you decide after, all of your research, that this was the way to go? I mean you did conduct some research right? If you did you would have seen where everyone with experience said not to do tren early in your cycle history and second cycle is pretty darn early… basically the beginning…

Too soon bruh…

how do you know your tren is underdosed or bunk. You cant tell by looking at it

Also ditch the caber and AI.

Been on it for a week. No sides. Poor quality company not naming names. No difference in feeling what so ever.

Also ditch caber?! My proc would go through the roof.

So tren doesn’t aromatize. Do you need an AI on 250mg of test? Likely not but you know your body more than anybody else does.

I’ve never ran tren but the prolactin thing is overblown from most labs I’ve seen which come back fairly normal to only slightly elevated. Also caber can have negative side effects. I’m not experienced with tren to offer any proper advice, nor would I, but just wanted to throw that out as food for thought.

Yes and? Do you believe that will cause you significant issues? Can you not use P5P, which works well to control prolactin to a certain degree while also having the benefit of not being nearly as dangerous as caber?

Prolactin is not the enemy. Yes, levels will elevate on a 19-nor. No, they will not destroy your life unless they get wildly out of control. No, you won’t get gyno from it unless your e2 is uncontrolled and raging beyond your body’s limits. At 125mg/w of test your AI dose will be 0.0mg of adex. You will undoubtedly cause far more problems using caber and adex unnecessarily vs using nothing until actual symptoms and blood work confirm they are needed.