My 2nd ACL Reconstruction, Follow My Long Recovery Back

Going to be honest wasn’t sure if this thread should be here or training logs, as I’m making this post to track my recovery as I regret not tracking my first recovery in enough detail. Also I’ll ask for advice when needed and give advice where I can.

On April 13th 2016 I ripped my left ACL playing american football, after a hamstring graft to reconstruct my ACL and a years worth of rehab I was back on the pitch playing again. Although my squat and deadlift weren’t as strong as they were pre injury they were still respectable (155kg and 180kg respectively).
I was back playing and performing well with my reconstruction not holding me back. However 5 games into the season (18th June 2017) I ripped my right ACL and badly sprained my MCL (this has been confirmed by an MRI). I am currently waiting my operation date to go through the whole process again.

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I have been down a similar road, did the R ACL twice. I was able to make it back and will be looking for updates on your recovery. I am currently dealing with OA in the R Knee and will get some posts up soon on how to manage training with these injuries.