My 2cents on Bush and the Middle-East

Ok guys, lets think economics. Obviously, the conflict w/ Iraq was primarily for oil right? I mean the nuke stuff is probably just a justification. Now, we have troops in Iraq, and pakistan and considerably more political muscle in the middle east, just look at bush taunting iran last week about its nuke program. Since the US runs the iraqi oil industry, do you really think that we aren’t benefitting from it? We have also given preference to US companies in the rebuilding of iraq/pakistan.

Therefore, we have realized a direct economic benefit from going into the middle east ( finally) .
BUt is this benefit worth the cost of putting all the weapons and grunts in the middle east ? Not to mention the increased terrorism that will result from this?
I think not - lumbernac

  Good post. Brace yourself for the rather ignorant replies of the liberals and hippies as they twist things around so that whereas they're the ones who protested in every corner of the world and held puke fests and turned US flags upside down while whining about going to war, it is WE the War and Bush supporters who are the 'whiners'and 'cryers'.

Some people are worthless arguing with. Great point though, and hopefully some t-maggers other than hippies and close minded liberals will read and respond.

Diesel, read the original post again.

Its scary as hell to think of the potential harm the Bush regime is gonna bring to the US in the near future with this arrogant posturing around the world.

It IS worth the risk as the only way those countries are going to stop ttheir BS terrorism and the attacks in Israel is for us to go over there and get in their face! WE are the biggest dudes on the planet and we can and should take matters into our own hands. Its scary to imagine us not protecting Israel. Just go read the Bible and see how this was Gods original nation! I don’t think we should piss God off by treating His original people like crap!
Now, put that in your pipe and smoke it!


Gee I didn’t know we are rebuilding Pakistan. I hope we make something nice there like a merry-go-round. :slight_smile:

 Gotta stop replying to posts when Im tired.

 Here I thought the poster was arguing against those who claim our ONLY reason for war was the oil - and explaining how the effort and the cost involved in mobilizing a hug force to the Middle East is not reasonably explainable by a simple interest in Iraqi oil.

 So we went to war because of the oil uh? Keep an eye on the news.

Yah , we are the biggest and strongest around… but look at history guys. Sparta once got in a war that almost defeated it so it got crazy paranoid and turned itself into a milatary state. EVentually, even sparta was conquered. Sparta’s reliance on its milatary did it little good as its people were derided as muscular morons. Athens on the other hand, tended to win by cultural and economic strength … and when it had to, it called out the troops and whooped ass. Would you rather be an athens or a sparta t-men?

I would rather be in the United States.

They're two extremes, and by definition, something is bound to be lacking. Balance is key - strength of a multitude of traits is vital. Economic strength, Cultural strength, Spiritual Strength, Physical Strength, Military Strength, Educational Strength, and many more. We have em right here in the good ole USA.

Congratulations Lumbernac, you are one of the GOOD GUYS. You are not one of the mindless “sheeple” who don’t think for themselves, who swallow everything the government tells the media to tell you. You don’t think a military attack is an excuse to feel smug because you can wave your little flag around and puff out your chest and act all bad-ass.

Lumbernac – that was painful.

Some similarities are clear – all of our 140 million or so male citizens are raised from birth to make war, we do have a 40%+ slave population, we do tend to tell Canada, Mexico, and Latin America that if they don’t pay tribute and tow the line we will invade and garrison them. We love men with long hair and our eugenics programs include throwing off the nearest cliff any babies that don’t seem “fit”. However, it might be pointed out that SPARTA CONQUERED ATHENS. That was the outcome when the two went head-to-head. Sparta broke up the Athenian empire and replaced the democracy with an oligarchy. So your question is a tough one.

Lumpy, it must really piss you off that all these crazy people “wave their little flags” around lately. I AGREE. I find it contemptible.

After all, the United States is the source of all evil. All bad things stem from the US. The US never does anything right. Hey, they killed the Native Americans and had slaves after all! Therefore they can never do anything right ever again. McDonalds, Hiroshima, capitalism, World War I and II, so-called “equality”, propping up dictators against communism (communism: great idea that just didn’t start in the right place, nearly 200 million murdered), millions of tons of “genetically engineered” food aid to starving people, taking out Saddam, the so-called “War on Terror” (or as I like to call it, the War for Oil). THE LIST NEVER ENDS. Did you know what this piece of shit country did last? We got all these billions of dollars of tax money together, and then we CONTRACTED OUR OWN COMPANIES to use our own money to start the rebuilding of Iraq! Can you believe it? I mean come on, the only human being of any worth that the US has ever produced was Eugene V. Debs, and I heard that his great-great-great-granduncle on his mother’s side may have owned a slave, so even he was fatally tainted.

I sure wish those “patriotic” (extremely sneering tone) people would stop flying their “little flags”. Gosh, I WISH I LIVED IN CUBA – did you know that their health care system is rated (by someone) higher than that in the US? Want to move there with me?

That was a wonderful post!!! I can’t wait for the idiots’ response. Keep up the good work.

I don’t mind the flag-waving, it’s the drooling that bothers me.

I love how people think that just because they are in the minority on the issue, they believe they are correct and everyone else is just a sheep.

Maybe you are stuck in the minority because everyone else is smarter than you.