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My 28 Week Program, Feedback?


Hey all,

This is my attempt at a 28 week program. The overall goal is to gain strength, not concerned with size, but I assume it will be a side effect. DA8/mobility and Jumps/Sprints/Throws implied everyday. All Bench/OHP movements w/ pull ups in between. Will be doing 5 up, 3 back. TM set at 85% for all lifts. 4 days/week.

Week 1-6:
FSL 5x5
DL/Squat: Glute Bridge or Hip Thrusts x 50 (have to do it for my lordosis), core x 50 reps
Bench/OHP: Dips x 50, rows x 50, core x 50
Conditioning: Hill sprints 2x and 30 min Air Dyne 1x week

Week 8-13
3/5/1+ Pyramid
Assistance: same as 1-6.
Conditioning: Sprints 1x and Air Dyne 2x week

5/3/1 SVR II
DL/Squat: Lunges x 50/Glute Bridge x 100 reps (using much lighter weight), core x 50
Bench/OHP: Tricep pushdowns & hammer curls superset x100, core x 50
Conditioning: Air Dyne 3x week

3/5/1 (no PR set)
5x1 @ TM**
Core x 50 on all days
20 min swimming 2x week (former collegiate swimmer, this is just to workout the soreness)

**On weeks 24 & 27, I will implement Joker sets instead of the 5x1 @ TM if I feel good.

Let me know what you all think.

Additionally, if anyone has a good substitute for med ball throws that would be great. There is not space for me to do this at my gym or home (apartment life). My best guess was possibly battle rope slams.

I appreciate any and all feedback.


I did a quick read and skim over different sources on the internet and rope slams appear to be a good and effective substitute for med ball slams. I’ll let someone more experienced and qualified critic your actual plan.


Yes, thats what I thought.

If anyone was wondering, my thought process for the battle rope slams was that it can still be a full body movement and is essentially a med ball slam without a projectile.

My only hesitation is that I would be limited to JUST slams. Impossible to do chest or overhead throws.


You could just do the 5/3/1 1.1-1.4

There is literally no guesswork whatsoever.


I appreciate your reply, but this is more than just me wanting to workout. I am trying to get myself to come up with a good program all on my own utilizing the 5/3/1 principles. How am I to help others if all I do is copy and paste from the internet?

I ran the 28 week program outlined in the Beyond book, and would like to try and come up with my own program that in conducive to my goals.

I believe that I have customized a program that can do that.


Oh, well you didn’t say that… Anyway, I think you should probably re-visit what Jim has written on Joker sets (here and in the Beyond book). Scheduling them is sorta the opposite of the point.

Hope it works out.


Ok, thank you. I kind of new that about Jokers when I was writing it, but I didn’t know what else to put.

The Joker’s were written in there because I am using this a “realization” phase. I wanted a specific time to work up to a new max, but I realize this would essentially make it the third week of the original SVR, yes?

If you or anyone else has tips on what to do at that point (besides SVR again), that would be much appreciated.

I just edited the main post to reflect this.


I can’t comment on SVR as I’ve never tried it, but from what I gather, Jim is not a fan of testing new 1-RMs. Hitting rep PR’s and resetting TM for long-term growth seems to be the key to success with 5/3/1.

Give 1.1-1.4 a read (if you haven’t), I think you’ll find some useful info even if you don’t follow it. Jim does program work in at 105% in the later weeks (It’s 20).


You make a good point.

I will admit that it is completely for my ego, as I don’t compete until at least December, but I very much want to do it.

If I catch a lot more flak for this, especially from Jim if chooses to reply, then I will reconsider.


Let my multiple injuries and years of deadlifitng the same amount help you get over it, lol… :grimacing:


I completely forgot about the 7th week protocol. So I will do that if no one thinks that will be too much.


I believe explosive push ups could substitute for medicine ball chest throws.


That is what I thought, but I saw a post in which Jim said plyo pushups did not accomplish the same task as the throws.

They must be better than nothing, but I wanted to see if anyone had other ideas.


I think the program looks solid. The only true way we’ll know how well the program will meet your goals is by doing it. I don’t see anything wrong with the program except for one thing I’m unsure about - is deloading implied?


Yes. You will notice that I skip weeks before changing the template.


I may take a deload more frequently depending on my feel after the first phase.


Hoping for someone to critique this program.

For what it’s worth, I figured out my ball throws problem - my gym had a racquet ball court apparently.