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My 2500 Burpees For Charity Live

Some of you guys won’t visit my log so I’ve put up my charity attempt in the hope that some of you guys tune in and give support


Watched the last few minutes, great stuff. Love the spin and spike of the wrist wrap.

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This has not received enough love.

I watched on fast forward. But the part 5 HOURS 9 minutes in where you had 50 left. That looked a lot like it was hard to get going again. Really hard.

Bring out the Brew!

Good stuff dude. Really really impressive.

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Thanks @carlbm man I really appreciate it

Yeah I think this one flew under the radar.

It was the most brutal thing I’ve done fitness wise.

Thanks for watching mate

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Sorry man, I just saw this myself. Great work! Very impressive feat and grit

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