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My 21st Tonight!


In what ways should I commence the debauchery?


I would probably drink.


Most people try to make you get so drunk you don't remember.

Don't do that.

Fuck a bunch of girls and remember.


remembering... ok ill try it!


..and wake up the next morning and drink 'til your liver taps out.


I think you misunderstood, it's very easy to end up in the hospital tonight. Be drunk as shit, just make sure you don't get black out drunk as people tend to start forcing you shots.

I know I sound like a loser but too many of my friends have ended up in the hospital this way.


In no way are you a loser in saying that, it's good advice.

On a 21st in the US i would advocate some heavy drinking, but none of that "when he's out lets take him further".


Just remember the birthday shot rule:

You have to do any shot that's bought for you with the condition that they also have to do the same shot themselves.

This usually prevents your friends from buying you fucked up shots.

Happy Birthday!

Take lots of pictures.


That's an excellent rule that would've saved my friends many Prairie Fires. I was lucky enough to turn 21 several hundred miles away from my friends.

Happy birthday, have fun!!


Do that.


so hung over. waking up for formation is teh suck. drank 21 beers and had to leave the bar when i apparently tried to throw a dart at the tv. TIME TO DRINK SOME MORE! buying beer is fun, but waking up drunk is more fun


happy birthday dude


Well done.