My 2011 Run

so 2 weeks in, so far fereling super strong, hungry, and just swelling up every day.

the diet is pretty consistant everyday, a little borring, but it works.
350-400g protein, 200g fat, 100-150g carbs,total about 4000-4500 calories from food and protein suppliment combined.

supps: vitamins, omega 3s, BCAAs, 10000mg L-leucine, 4000mg L-Argenine prior to work out, and whey protein.

week 1 loading phase 1250mg Test E, 800mg EQ
week 2-5 1000mg test E, 400mg EQ
week 5-10 750mg Test Prop ED injects, EQ 400mg, Tren E 300mg and 60mg var ED

week 1 - 10 250iu HCG twice a week

.5 adex has been doing the job so far E3D, taking 5mg finasteride until I can switch to dutasteride.

PCT will be 30 days 3 weeks after last dose. standard nolva pct.

was 240lb prior to cycle, got down to 230lb with a little bit of diet, currently 225lb fairly lean.

strenght has shot up through the roof, could be just the diet and mental. will post results :))

Tren E for 5 weeks?

[quote]Havre wrote:
Tren E for 5 weeks?[/quote]

yeh had a little from last time. it is what it is

Alright, was just wondering.
Why not break it down for a little less dose and running for an extra 1 or 2 weeks? ( Just a thought ).