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My 2009 High School Football Highlight Film....


Have been following the forums for a while, just now signed up. with the season over, thought id put together a highlight film this year. i play fullback, let me know what you think of the vid!



i would watch it, but i have to install some program that i am not down for doing. sorry bud.

any chance of throwing it up on youtube?


I didnt watch it all but it looked like some good blocking and you had a good run or 2.


Fullbacks don't get much glory do they?

Had a hand full of pankcakes. One did look like it was against the scout team in half pads.

What class did your team play in and how big a FB are you?


Not bad at all man, very nice blocking. When I get mine, i may upload mine, I was playing a team when the tailback kept shittalking and towards the end of the game I hit him hard enough his helmet comes off.


i didnt want to dowload anything either but throw it up on youtube then post that link i would like to check it out. How big are you? height weight?


i apologize to those of you who cant watch it, i would put it on youtube but i have no idea how to until i order a dvd of the copy for scouts.
Jgerman- i was worried people would think that, which is a cheap thing to put on a highlight tape, however, it was actually a team we played at a Pittsburg state university camp with the same colors.

As for class, we are Missouri class 6a (largest class), our team went to the show me bowl (state championship in the edward jones dome where stl rams play) this season and lost. We have a kid going to air force, ku, and northern iowa, as for some juniors scouted by the big 12.

and I am an undersized fb at 5'8 205 lbs.. 4.6 forty, 4.2 pro agility, 28 inch vertical, 500 lb squat, 300 bench, 320 hang clean, 550 dl.
theres a litle info on us!

also, just thought you would find this incredible- our tb, number 7.. rushed for 2800 yds this season for 40 tds, with a 9.7 yd avg per carry.. as a junior. the kids a freak.


Im guessing you don't pass much, right? 2800 is insane. And that motherfucker never runs behind you!


Therizza- it sounds like we dont pass much, but actually our QB passed for almost 2000, and had 24 tds compared to 8 ints... he is going to committ to university of northern iowa, and our receiver is verbally committed to KU (he had i think around 900 yds receiving.


you're a running back, i have been sent here to destroy your being

d-line woop woop


That's really cool man. Haha i used to watch your team all the time on MetroSports. My team never got on there except like once. How far did you guys get into the playoffs?


kenny- we made it to the state game... and fucking lost. terrible stuff, just had a rough game and nothing was working out. also sucks because before the game we were ranked somethin like 34th in the nation... and thats crazy you used to watch us, what school did you go to?


X2 for D-Line pride.

As for the video, I wonder how pissed the LB coaches for the other team were.