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My 20 Squat and Milk Scheme


Hows it looking? i read you can change it up a bit so i tried doing it myself. Please add in suggestions or critque it. Idk if it's kinda over doing it?

Edit: going to stick a regular one this what im doing and ill also be using this to show you guys my progress as well.

20 Squats x 130lb


Bench Press 3 x 10 x 105

Barbell Row 3 x 10 x 100

pull overs

Military Press 3 x 10 x 50

Romanian Deadlifts 1 x 15

Dumbell Curls 2 x 10

Skull Crushers 2 x 10


The first step towards casting off ignorance is realizing how little you actually know.

Instead of making up your own routine when you're a beginner, get on an actual routine. Start writing down your lifts each day. Progress.

If you want to finish off your squat workouts with a widowmaker, then great--high rep squatting is great. But ultimately, you should get on an actual program.

do this routine instead of that dumb one

And settle on something.

Best of Luck!


if you can do it properly three times a week and actually progress, you are HolyMac


ha ha yeah I don't think you would be able to do a true, 20 rep squat three days a week.


So you're not working your shoulders? Honestly, this entire thing is garbage. You will be sorely disappointed. If TBT is your thing, check out "MODOK, How Do You Train".


this program is rubbish, sorry


i changed up a bit now..

Mondays and Friday will be

1 x 20 squat
Flat BB
Barbell Row
Military Press
Stiff Legged deadlift

wednesday will be the same. That any better?


^missing the point...


dude, why don't you get a program that's already regarded as successful?


shut up you noob. 20 squats and milk has been proved time and time again. It's been around FOREVER- before 5/3/1 and many other proven programs. Do some fucking reading before you shoot your mouth off.

Now that's out of the way, your program is solid but you need to focus on training economy. You don't know what you're doing (no offense) so stick with the basics. Try to alternate push/pull on upper body exercises. Remember, 20 squats aren't supposed to be done forever. Try this for 8 weeks to get your ass in gear and then move to a beginner program like SS or 5/3/1.

1x10, 1x20 squat
OH press 5x5
chins 5 sets max
dips 5 sets max
BB row 5x5

1x10, 1x20 squat
Bench 5x5
DB horiz. row 1x10, 1x20
DB curl & press

1x10, 1x20 squat IF you can take it, otherwise do a 1x20 set of DB goblet squats with 115lbs
Bench 5x5
Chins 10x2 weighted
Dips 5 sets max weighted
heavy DB snatch 3x5

Try something like this- use the good ass effective exercises and only do a curl if it's before you press the weight overhead. Use goblet squats to mix it up and keep the pain coming. 20 squats WORK as long as you drink your milk and go ASS TO GRASS every time.



i changed up a bit now..

Mondays and Friday will be

1 x 20 squat
Flat BB
Barbell Row
Military Press
Stiff Legged deadlift

wednesday will be the same. That any better?

i really doubt after a real 20 rep squat with your 10 rep max you would be able to do that many exercises after to your full potential .. should stick with the original workout and make adjustments along the line


Having a "squats and arms day" (like your wednesday workout) is a waste of time and energy, and completely misses the point behind the plan.

But with that said, the plan you just wrote is pretty close to the original, intentionally barebones 20-rep routine from the '50s and '60s - the same plan that tons of guys have used to add size and strength.

I'd suggest you spend the next four or six weeks hitting the program hard two or three days a week, eat well, and rest plenty between workouts, and see where you end up.

What's your current height and weight?

Bud, the original 20-rep squat plan was the most popular mass-building routine for close to 40 years in the bodybuilding game. It's successful.


Why is it always beginners who think that 20 rep squat programs are a good idea? Just an observation.


Yeah , Im really going to try that. I dont want to bite more than i can chew lol.. Thanks for all the suggestions and im currently 156-157 at 6ft.I was 145 before i started lifting..

EDIT:Also can someone tell me how to increase the weight for my other lifts such as deadlift or bench press? they onlymention the squat


Fuckaduck, man, please check out these articles to get the rest of your nutrition in line too:

(^^ Read, re-read, and re-re-read the section about the Hour of Power here.)



The point is Kevin and Daze, if you 'do 20rep squats' 3 times a week, you arent doing it right.
You need to use YOUR 10REP MAX, that is the entire point


A good method I read about for setting up the weight is to times the number of workouts your going to do in the 6 week cycle by 5.

Subtract that number from your 5 RM in lbs.

That's your start weight, at 5 pounds each workout.

Say your going to do 3 a week, and your 5RM is 300 lbs

That's 18 workouts 18x5 = 90lbs

300-90= 210

Your first workout would use 210lbs add 5lbs every workout.

Last workout of the cycle if you've been eating right and putting the graft in you should squat your previous 5RM for 20.

Also I believe pull overs where a big part of the routine, 20 heavy squats was followed by 20 light 'breathing pullovers'


how about my other lifts? how lb do i add to my bench,row,ect..


There are many different methods to progress.
* Straight sets, where you use the same weight for say, 3x8 or 5x5 (whatever).
* Ramp up the weight to a top set; optional additional set with lighter weight
* With a given weight, have a "goal rep range" that you want to get; once you've hit that range, increase the weight
* If you're adding weight/reps/sets, then you're making progress

Does any of this make sense?


I agree with Chris, the 20 rep squat program has been around a long time, and for a good reason.

Weather you're doing McCallum's original program or the more popular "Super Squat" program by Strossen, you will get stronger and bigger.