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My 1st Strongman Show - 2nd Time Lucky?

Yeah it’s okay. I’m always after a little bit more.

Dipped in and out over 7 years. But I’ve never been this discipline with it before. And I’m liking it. Tjis is the strongest I’ve ever been and I feel like theres more in there.

I’m certain there is more there. For years… maybe even a decade, I blamed genetics and metabolism for my mediocre strength and being fat. then I pulled my head out of my ass and have gotten much past that I thought was my “limit”.

I’m not saying you’re making these same excuses, I’m simply saying we can do A LOT more than we think we can.

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Yes that’s what I thought you’ve progressed very well, because you’ve progressed at a very decent rate on every lift that is a feat in and of itself let alone the fact you added 25kg to your deads and then doubled the reps in a matter of months.

We always want more it’s what stops us being the dudes who turn up every week bench the same 2 plates and leave no different and having achieved nothing. Just don’t forget to celebrate the fact you’re smashing it whilst you’re looking for more!

You are right. And I’d be saying the same to anyone else.

I have a theory. Happiness is the price we pay for success. It’s not about what I do have. It’s about what I can. You get it. If you’re happy with 2 plates then you’ll never work toward 3 or 4 or 5. If you want to be successful you’ll never be happy and just keep pushing.
Success is not a place. You dont get successful. It’s a process that requires daily sacrifice and honest self evaluation.
So I’m happy being unhappy. Its the drive to be better that I need. I set lofty goals this year and hit all but my weight target. But I’ll get there by 31/12. With out that nagging feeling of “not good enough” I’d have stalled.

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Event day let down today.
Rain set in and there is no where to do any other events inside apart from log and deadlift.

So log and dead lifting it was.

Log max reps in 60 seconds. I’ve been doing a lot of work on this. My clean is letting me down. I finish low on my body so I use lots of energy to rack properly. I’m working on this. I think I have it sorted / am sorting it.
Either way my sets.
75kg for 6
Then 75kg for 6. This is an improvement.
It felt easier this week. All 6 reps were smother. I’m hoping to refine this to 7-8 teps on the day.

I pulled 190kg for 5 Thursday. So today I thought I’d pull 190 3x3. Same weight more reps. Sure more sets but I feel this extra volume is handy.
This was hard but I enjoyed it.
Dropped the weight to 150kg + chains for 3x5.

After this I done a small rack run 50kg x12, 40kg x8, 30kg x6.

Suitcase hold 60kg 5x 10 second holds

Press 60kg x 12
Behind the neck press 40kg x errr something

Happy enough.
Aldonwirth noting I’m gonna be there or there abouts with target weight loss. I’m 105kg going to bed and will lose about 1kg over night. My target from 2 weeks back was under 104 by this monday. So who knows?

So no events days as such for a while. Work and personal life are keeping me out of the gym at the weekend. And the car park is too busy for yoke, farmers, sled work on a weekday.

This week I did pull 170kg on the axle for 9 reps in under 1 min. I think I had the 10th but what with cutting weight I’m tending not to push for a 50/50 rep. But then working drop sets bit harder.

Drop set to this was 150kg axle deadlift with chain 3x5.

Log yesterday. 80kg 5 reps in 70 seconds.
5x5 press with 65kg.

My clean is getting there. I wont hit all 10 reps for this though. Ironically I could if I only had to clean it once. My shoulders are strong enough. But I lose so much energy getkgvthe log high on my chest. I’ve worked out i need to pull the log onto me more and not let it slide onto my belly.

The rest of the weeks been good.
Press pr 80kg x 6 with 1 left in the tank
Front squat pr 128kg x 8 with 0 left in the tank. As in nothing.

Weight loss has been good. About 2kg every 3weeks. Walking around at 104.3 today. The scales say 103.somethig every morning. 102.9 a few says back. I’ve loosened up a bit on food now. No shit. But enough to stabilise my weight. I’m under - I might lose another kg - but the trick now is to maintain.


Sounds like you’re making great progress! Cleans take up a ton of energy so it’s no surprise you’re having trouble hitting 10 clean and press reps in a minute. That makes me tired just reading that haha

Also, aren’t you a U105kg athlete? I’m not saying you shouldn’t lean out, but what is the point trying to be 2-4 kg under? Did I miss something?

Paranoia about missing weight. I can add 2kg of food weight in a sitting lol.

Thanks. It’s been a hard slog. But I’m really enjoying it.

Ah, I guess you’re avoiding a water cut? I don’t blame you, it’s a bit of a pain in the ass. My first (only) water cut I cut about 12 lbs, and I was 231 and 231.8 on my two home scales. I got to the place I had to weigh in and their scale said I was 233… FML. So I had to walk briskly and spit for 30 minutes, then get completely naked during weigh in to be at 231.4 on the dot haha.

Also I can tell you’ve been putting in hard work :+1:

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Yeah balls to a water cut. It’s my first comp. I want it to be nice and simple. No messing. Get 1 under my belt and then see where I’m at. I might in the future get more technical. But at the moment its KISS.

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