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My 1st Real Cycle

Whats up ppl…
I messed around with d-bol and winny previously, but I never took it seriously. Now I am a former 1-AA football offensive lineman…the lightest I ever remember beings is around 340lbs. When I stopped playing I started putting on weight quickly. I got up to 390lbs in about 2 years. Then I finally said enough’s enough and begin to work out and diet regularly, a long with the help of clen I dropped down to around 365 lbs. I since realized that my strength is diminishing quickly. Some one I know is getting me some Test E and Tren Ace. He said for me to take 900mg/week of test for ten weeks and Tren Ace from weeks 5 - 10. My main objective is to add strength, but I would also like to drop some more weight…I am getting my trainer to put a meal and work out plan together for me. I guess my question is…Will the test and tren interfere with me trying to lose weight, or will it help me out a little?

I will also be on Nova during cycle and Nova+HCG as PCT.

Since you never real did a cycle before, 900mg of Test is a bit much especially if you want to lose weight and harden up. You’re going to put on a lot of water with 900mg of test. The tren will help balance that out. But I just think that you need to reduce the amount of test to around 500mg or so. Tren is golden, I love it :slight_smile:

Yeah. I a couple more people told that 900mg was too much…i dont know what I will do yet. Thanks

If you are estrogen-sensitive or a high aromatizer (have high conversion to estrogen) or if your skin is sensitive to T than 900 mg/week can be an unfortunate experience. There are also some that don’t have those problems and a gram per week is a perfectly fine dose for them.

However, not having used it before there is no way to predict which the outcome will be.

Why not start the tren from the beginning and work the T up from a more-modest point?

These compounds will help with fat loss.

Some do get gyno from as little as 250 mg/week testosterone if not using Nolvadex or Clomid, by the way. Most can do 500 even without either of those, but really why risk not using an “anti-estrogen.”

Sounds like you need to try to get back down to 340 lbs. before you touch juice. Adding more weight may be a very dangerous thing for you right now.