My 1st One Lift a Day

1st one lift a day.

I am actually near the end of week 2 so I’ll post everything so far to get a quick catch up (my apologies in advance, gonna be some long posts at 1st, I was keeping them on my PC to post but just getting to it), ill try and keep it updated daily here on after)

Posting this here to:

  1. Add additional accountability to myself
  2. Ask for some feedback/suggestions on anything, diet/lifts/motivation/whatever else you guys and gals can offer!

Started lifting about 10 years ago, but my training has been plagued with inconsistency. I have started to get things sorted in the last couple years. I am very opinionated and unbelievably stubborn, which are both a great source of strength and weakness. I have had some retarded ideas in the past (lose fat with out diet or cardio!) but eventually I make my way around to reality.

I’m an engineer and I pretty much sit in front of a PC for 80% of the day. I work a 2nd part time job at a local community college so I can have full access to their gym even when its not open :slight_smile: I haven’t really had a workout partner for as long as i can remember, last year a friend was lifting with me, that went great but he injured his knee and is out for the count :frowning: So, pretty much most of my workouts its just me in the gym, alone often as not. For reference I’m 5’6", 30 years old.

Why and Goals
I’m tired of being small AND weak. In the last year or 2 I have switch my training to more performance oriented and I have to say I’m pretty happy with the results so far. I was at 210lbs 1.5-2 years ago; I don’t ever want to be that fat again. To add some variety to my training a good friend suggested 1 lift/day. I though it out and here I am. I honestly haven’t set any target numbers, I don’t really know what to expect so I’m just going to do it up and see what results I get, I expect to get stronger (and bigger!)

The Plan
Weigh in every Sunday just after waking and check BF % with my bio imp monitor.
Lifting days: Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Sat
Lifts: Squats, Bench, Chins, Deads, Push Press.
Progression: Week1 7x5, Week2 6x4, Week3 5x3-2, Week4 Off. Week 5-8 Rinse, Repeat
Cardio: None to speak of, 10-15 mins of light warm up before lifts, some other form of NEPA
Diet: UP Cals (Target 2500+ cal, 250+g Prot, moderate fat)
Each workout: 10 mins light warmup, somelight stretching then a few light sets of whatever im doing until i feel warmed up, Depending on how I’m feeling after ill hit abs/calves after my one lift (swiss ball jack knifes, Plate Press, Standing Calf Raise), then stretch out at the end.

I will record almost everything on Fitday and post up the log here.
I don’t log seasonings, and I don’t really measure everything but I’m fairly confident in my estimates from past times when I measured everything, really just using it as an estimate.

Grow! Whey
Metabolic Drive
Metabolic Drive bars
Alpha Male
Vitamine Shoppe Amino Complex

Turns out the fit day log will be too much of a pain to catch up and post everything so if you want to see everything the link is to My Fit Day Log rwlue - free online diet and fitness journal
otherwise i’ll just post a basic summary, ill think about posting details when i catch the thread up.

Sun Jan 27th

178.6 lbs 14.1% BF

Pretty excited about tomorrow when I start one lift a day. I will start diet log tomorrow as well.

[b]Mon Jan 28th Week 1 (7x5)

225x5, 245x5, 265x2* failed 245x5, 245x5, 225x5, 225x5, 205x5

Cal Fat Carb Prot
3156 87 313 287

Some Picts of me at the start…


[b]Tues Jan 29th

185x4, 175x5, 165x3* 155x2*, 135x5, 135x5, 135x4, 115x6 (too light)

Cal Fat Carb Prot
3610 97 347 339

[b]Wed Jan 30th

10x5, 10x4+1N, 10x3+BWx2, BWx4+1N, BWx3+2N, BWx3+2N, BWx1+4N
N - Negative

Cal Fat Carb Prot
3569 66 427 326

[b]Thurs Jan 31st

185x5, 255x5, 275x3, 255x5, 255x4, 235x5, 215x5

Cal Fat Carb Prot
3136 69 401 239

Fri Feb 1st

Off day, feeling sore as heck (squats and Deads mostly), pretty happy I dont have to lift today.

Cal Fat Carb Prot
2839 86 264 261

[b]Sat Feb 2nd

Push Press[/b]
135x5, 155x5, 175x2* 165x2, 155x5, 155x4, 145x5, 135x5(light)

Cal Fat Carb Prot
2361 69 186 250

Sun Feb 3rd

178.6lbs @ 15.2%BF

Cal Fat Carb Prot
3478 126 258 317

Not happy with the fat intake today, but nothing to be done about it now except be more disciplined in the future

Thoughts after my 1st week of 1 a day… I have been more sore for individual body parts before, eg, legs, back, arms etc… However, I don’t think I have ever been this sore over my entire body! I’m still trying to find the right weight but so far I like it, workouts are oddly fast (~40-45mins). Feeling good overall, this week I plan to swap squats and Deads, as I can get a spotter on Thurs for squats.

Other thoughts, I have been doing some ab/calf work, i should probably at least note what days i do them. Also other than just normal daily stuff like parking at the other end of the parking lot, taking the stairs, i really haven’t been doing additional NEPA, I will have to figure something out.

[b]Mon Feb 4th (week 2 6x4)

255x4, 275x3, 275x4, 285x3, 275x2, 275x4

Very tired today, lifts did not go as well has hoped. Swapping lift order was definitely not an optimal move either. On the plus side I had a friend come work out with me who gave me some pointers and tried to help me clean up my form.

Cal Fat Carb Prot
3694 46 437 380

This weeks picts (learned a new pose! the crab:)


[b]Tues Feb 5th

155x4, 165x4, 175x4, 185x2+2F, 170x3+1F, 165x3+1F
*F - Forced

Ab/Calf Circuit

Left shoulder pretty sore after benching, maybe i didn’t warm up enough, doesn’t hurt too bad, just very sore, ill ice it when i get home.
I had forgotten how great it is to have a workout partner! or a spotter at the very least!

Cal Fat Carb Prot
3089 90 302 263

Struggling to eat all my meals today, might be a combo of being tired, the chicken isn’t so tasty and all the extra fiber from the lima beans…

Wed Feb 6th

Shoulder still sore, i put in some extra efforts to warm up more and didn’t hurt during workout so thats good. I was talking to a friend about chins and wondering how much benefit i’m getting since last week was almost all negatives :frowning: he was suggesting maybe i should try raised leg chins on a smith machine, lightening up the load (me legs) and adding controlled amounts of weight using plates in my lap, will have to think this on this one, ill give chins another go and decide what to do.

BWx4, 10x4, 10x4, 15x4, 17.5x3+1N, 10x3+1N
N - Negative

ab/calf circuit

This week went much better than last week, im still have A LOT of work to do here tho. i think Will try chins again next week and see how that goes…

Cal Fat Carb Prot
3110 55 383 271

Today was not so much a struggle to eat my meals… it was more of a BATTLE (i won, sorta, managed to eat 1.5 of the 2 set “lunches”), I think I figured out what is going on though, a combination of a different brand of chicken breast (this brand is dry and trashy as all get out!), and also changing from regular lima beans to baby lima beans (for some reason they seem firmer and not as tasty, ill try cooking them longer.)

Decided to go ahead and vary the diet up a little today, spaghetti with ground turkey mmmmm :slight_smile:
i have one prepped chicken breast dinner left, will have that tomorrow (somehow), ill also cook up the pork i have been marinating tomorrow i thinks.

What a difference a little variety and some ketchup makes!
meals went smoothly today :slight_smile:

Thur Feb 7th

I had to work later than expected and missed my chance at having a spotter for today :frowning:

245x4, 265x4, 275x4, 280x3, 280x1* 265x4, 245x4
*failed this set bigtime. Should have gone back down to 275 or 270 :S

ab/calf circuit

I have to admit im strugging not to to fall into the “I used to…” trap, trying to focus on “I WILL”

Cal Fat Carb Prot
3183 60 329 325

who built your program
its a fucking mess
3 reps sets on bench starting out
will give you close to nothing

12 - 10 - 8 - 6
mix it up week to week

hey man,

Basic program was built by Dan John

Check it out:

Friday Feb 8th

Cal Fat Carb Prot
3187 103 275 289


[b]Sat Feb 9th

Push Press[/b]
145x4, 155x4, 165x4, 175x2 170x2, 155x4, 165x2 155x1
*For the sets that couldn’t finish the reps, i dropped the weight as fast as I could and tried to knock out the reps at the lower weight.

Maybe I should have done some strength tests before starting this, but oh well, I’m trying to do less planning and more DOING! By round 2 I should have everything inline.

Cal Fat Carb Prot
3619 94 476 217

Anyone else out there tried the One Lift a Day program? any advice/suggestions?

I’m going to try this program soon too, goodluck.

This is a really good program. My strength went up like crazy with it. Don’t expect to gain muscle mass though. I burned out after two months. It’s pretty rough to do long term.

Sunday Feb 10th

Weight: 178.6lbs @ 15.4%BF

Kinda weird that my weight hasn’t change AT ALL even though my eating patterns did… beginning to wonder if my scale is broke :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck, 1st week is TOUGH, seems to get easier as you go along (I imagine week 5 will be like week 1 all over again, I will let you know in a few weeks :slight_smile:

What set of movements did you choose? So far I like the program. right now I think I’m more getting back used to doing some of these movements, especially bench, which i haven’t done in a long time… from my understanding of the program t6he 2nd 3 weeks after the rest period is where most of the gains come from. is that how it went for you?

Cal Fat Carb Prot
2554 100 126 281

Yea. I improved on my 2 rep max the first time around, but the big gains come the second time around. And yes week 5 is the hardest, but tough it out and you’ll feel good about yourself.

Bent Over Rows
Military Press (I think)

Those were my lifts Monday-Friday.

Thanks for the info, I will stick it out!

I didn’t get to go shopping as planned today, will have to get some stuff tomorrow, lunches are preped for a few days tho, need to remember to pick up some more containers as well.

Decided to add some pork and beef this week. And only put in 2/3 cup of Lima beans rather than 1 cup, will pick up some broccoli and stuff tomorrow to eat at dinner.

Considering adding some greens+ to the supp list to make sure I get enough, not sure if lima beans really count as a veggie since they are a legume :stuck_out_tongue:

Expect this week’s workouts to be quick considering I’m doing 5x3-2. Will make sure to do my ab/calf circuit everyday.

Looking forward, contemplating what to do during the week off… maybe ill go out to some dragon boat practices.

I like the idea of 1 lift a day for strength, good luck with getting your strength up using it.

Also why are you weighing yourself every week? Are you trying to lose or gain weight? If I were you, I would be consuming more calories.

Forgot to mention last time, good lats, especially on the back shot.

Thanks man, so far I think it looks promising, will see how it goes in the next few weeks, from everything I hear results should be good!

The reason I’m weighing myself once a week is just really to keep some track of progress. Ultimately I want to put on more mass and lean out more (like so many others). I am using the 1-lift a day program as a kick start to get my strength up to help with those goals. I’ve done straight bulks before, this time around I am trying a clean bulk approach, you may be correct in upping the cal tho. Targeting 180-185lbs @ 8% by years end.

Thanks for the compliment! I was told my back is my 2nd best part, personally I think everything needs a lot of work, but legs and back just a tad bit less than the rest :wink:

Mon Feb 11th (Week 3 - 5x3-2)

Talk about your disappointing lifting days…

275x3, 285x2, 295x0* 290x1 285x1, 275x3, 275x1

  • I was feeling good after 285, I made 2 attempts at 295 and failed them both (couldn’t even break the weight from the floor :frowning: ) so i walked away dropped the weight to 290, failed the 1st attempt, and managed to get one rep on my 2nd :S after that everything just kinda land slided as I couldn’t get my head back into the lift :frowning: After deads I just wanted to go home, but managed to force in some abs and stretching.

After that, I was so pissed I didn’t even make it to the store, I just went home. Good thing I don’t really NEED anything critical, will pick them up tomorrow.

Cals Fat Carb Prot
3954 130 314 376

[b]Tues Feb 12th

175x3, 185x3, 195x1, 195x1+1F, 185x1+1F, 185+1F

  • F - Forced


The guy I usually ask to spot me was busy so I had to ask someone else who wasn’t as experienced in spotting. To top it off I forgot my gym shoes, Working out in Lugz sucks. Having said that, even with the sub-optimal conditions, 195lbs is actually a new PR for me in bench! (as sad as that sounds). So, I’m pretty happy with the results so far :slight_smile: Looking forward to more gains in the 2nd phase! Will see what the last 3 lifting days of this week brings!

Also, I cleared up one thing with a friend, I was operating under the idea that if I missed the target reps I would actually add a set to make up the volume (why you see 6 sets up there instead of 5). Clearly a mistake since volume isn’t really the focus here. Will stick to the plan from here on out and focus on hitting my target weights as close to the amount of reps as possible.

Cals Fat Carb Prot
3777 95 374 350

[b]Wed Feb 13th

15x3, 20x3, 25x2+1N, 30x2+1N, 25x1+2N

ab/calf circuit

Quick day today, chins went well for me, strength slowly going up. Squats tomorrow!

Cals Fat Carb Prot
3707 84 375 360

rook I’m not sure I understand what you’re doing here. Your post on the 11th says that it’s week 3 and you’re doing 5x3-2? In DJ’s article this is what week three looks like:


I’m not sure if I missed something you said earlier or what.

Also, week 2 is a 6x3. Not the 6x4 that you have listed.

Sorry if I missed something it’s just that DJ’s program works so well that I personally would not change the rep set pairings.

Looks like you have upped the calories to just under 4k, I’ll bet this alone helps your lifts increase it always does mine.

What does 15x3 mean on the chins? Is this BW + 15lbs?


Crap, I misunderstood the 5-3-2? For some dumb reason I read it as 5 sets of 3-2 reps :S

Also you are right about the 6x4 should be 6x3. Somewhere between reading the article and deciding on the program, my brain changed the numbers. sigh screwing up a program this simple… I feel dumb.

This reminds me why I should ALWAYS ask questions! Even dumb ones…

Just so I don’t screw it up again, week 3 is 3 sets total, 1st set 5 reps, 2nd set 3 reps, 3rd set 2 reps?

Thanks for the catches, I will fix.

I hope I didn’t botch the whole thing, I have seen some strength gains but now I’m wondering if I should be seeing MORE gains :expressionless:


Correct on both accounts, I upped my cals some, will try to target 3500-4000 cals from here on out, no real cap on upper limit. And 15x3 means BW + 15lbs for 3 reps, I’m still pretty weak on all accounts, working hard on that tho.

I REALLY appreciate the comments and advice guys! Thank you VERY MUCH for them! Please, keep it coming of you have more!

  • Feeling like a REAL Rookie today…