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My 1st Judo Competition

All – a lot of guys and girls posting about success at meets for power lifting and body building, or otherwise hitting targets in other sections. So I thought I’d throw my judo completion results out there. See if there is anyone that’s doing anything particular in the way of physical perpetration for judo, BJJ or MMA (although MMA is a different beast – I’m aware).

In short – NAILED IT. I was in a class of only 3 guys. Being novice (red belt) and 100kg+. But still – I feel great. And totally pumped for the next meet.

Detailed expiation of the day:

So I only had 2 fights. One lasted 30-45 seconds. The other 60 seconds or so.

I had the benefit of watching the other two guys fight first. And I have to say – there was one guy I was not worried about and one guy I thought was going to be very hard.

The easier of the two guys was quite over weight (even for my dismal standards) and had little balance. I fought him first. I swept him early with a “De Ashi Harai” and he landed on his front. I should have controlled him on the way down but my grip on his sleeve slipped. On the floor I rolled and pinned him. Ippon.


The second guy was totally different. Easily 20kg heavier than me and in great shape. I mean I’m 105kg, and do lift weights. But he ragged dolled me. First attack on me he just use brute strength to move me with no attempt to sweep me or anything. We fell (no points awarded as it a slip not a throw that landed us there) we got up. Next attack he push me to my right so I just grabbed a hold of him and it was “Tia Otoshi” into Ippon.

Gold Medal!

My coach was very impressed. It was a genuine “he pushed, I pulled” affair.

More than the results – I set two targets for myself.

Attack with throws and commit 100% to each. I can be very defensive. I want to stop this.

Do not roll onto my back – I did BJJ years ago and want to become a judo player not a BJJ guy that does judo. So rolling onto my back is a habit I must break

I achieve these. So I’m even happier.

Thoughts on the physical preparation of the other competitors.

Good Lord – its shocking. I’m fat, unfit and weak by my standards. I was in the top 25% of guys in the room for each of these. And those that were as strong (relative to body weight) and fit were generally speaking BJJ guys over for a look. General conditioning for most judo clubs is coming to class and then maybe a 30min jog one or twice a week. Which is dismal. Especially when you consider most of these guys had been targeting this competition for months. Get out and do some sprints.

I’m looking to keep this competitive edge. I want to make sure I’m physically superior to my opposition. Its makes my fitness something they have to work with. Not something I have to work with.


Congrats from a former judoka!

I’m just gonna throw out some unsolicited advice in case it may prove useful:

In competition, especially in the 100+ weight class make sure you always try to finish throws, even by the dreaded grind. You’ll get countered in 99% of cases if you hesitate and try to abort the attack after initial contact. Also, grind throw attempts can be an opportunity to roll from a incomplete throw into a pin, especially if you’re proficient in BJJ.

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Thanks. Yeah - 100kg+ is a hard weight class. The thing I noticed is - once guys of my size are moving we do not stop easily. And that much momentum is easy to manipulate.
As for grinding out a throw - I get what you’re saying. And my coach is the same. Never just give up. If you step out of an attempt - you will get thrown.

Congratulations on the first competition!