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My 1st Graston Experience


Hi friends!!!

Well as you know, I have been slowly recovering from a bilateral groin injury.

Today I visited a chiro who uses the "Graston technique". It involved him using a long stainless steel instrument, running the instrument perpendicular to the muscles fibres of my groin. As the instrument ran over my groin, I could feel vibrations, as if it was like correngated iron. The chiro explained that that was a sign of scar tissue, and that after a few sessions that should smooth out.

It has only been a few hours since I had the procedure done, so it is still too early to report results. But I will update the results on here.

Has anyone else have had Graston done on them? What were the results?



I've had it on my hip flexors and sartorius origin. Hurt like a bitch but my pain was gone immediately. I was having hip pain at the bottom of my squat years ago that sounded like femoral anterior glide syndrome, but Graston cleared it up.


Thanks for your contribution peanut butter Andy.

My Graston session did not hurt too bad at all. It is now next morning, and there in no bruising that I was warned about that may occur.

How many sessions did you have? Did you have a chiro perform it on you? Do you often take part is soft tissue therapy?