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My 1st Extreme HIT 30-10-30 workout

Completed my first Extreme HIT 30-10-30 workout today. Some observations:

I work out in my home gym out in my garage. My setup consists of a bench, Powerblock adjustable dumbbells up to the 120s and a curl bar.

I knew going in my cardiovascular conditioning would not allow for 30 seconds between movements, so I started off with one minute between movements. I was able to do the first 4 but after the 4th I had to stop to catch my breath. I think it was 3 or 4 minutes before I could complete the last two movements.

Dumbbell squats - I started with the 50s. I know Dr. Darden says his strongest trainees used the 25s, But I felt I could handle the 50s. The first negative rep was no problem and I completed the 10 regular reps with no problems. But that second eccentric- holy smokes. It wasn’t that I reached failure. But I had to stop after about 20 seconds because the pain in my quads was too intense.

Dumbbell bench press - I did the 80s. I’m certain that I left at least three if not four reps in the tank. The second negative was only moderately intense. I was disappointed that after the movement I didn’t feel the tightness and swelling in my pecs that I’m used to. More on this below. I’m either going to have to increase the weight or do something to pre exhaust the pecs going forward. I just don’t like the idea of leaving that many reps in reserve.

Strangely, about 5 minutes after completing the workout is when I suddenly felt my pecs. They felt heavy and swollen. I’m used to this happening right after the chest workout but the fact that it happened 10 minutes later was unexpected. Is there something to this? Or is this some sort of psychological wishful thinking on my part?

It’s going to take some getting used to not going to failure after almost 40 years of believing that was THE way to increase size and strength. I’m willing to take a leap of faith, and my experience with the squats tells me there may be something to this. I suspect these first several workouts will be determining the appropriate weight for each movement in light of the short rest periods between movements.

There is obviously a limit to how fast I will be able to move between exercises given the limitations of my home gym set up. I’m thinking 20 seconds between exercises is going to be extremely tough to pull off.


Your 10-minutes after feeling in your pecs has been experienced by several other guys. They also often feel it in their thighs.

It almost feels as though it’s not hard enough initially but you come to “appreciate “ it more as the day goes on. (For lack of a better term)

Sounds interesting. I am wondering if one of these sets would be a good finisher - i.e. 4x12 bb squats + 30-10-30 db squats