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My 1st cycle plan (critiques welcome) Test E


week 1-10 * 500mg test E

weeks 1-10 0.5mg arimidix EOD

weeks 12 start PCT 40/40/20/20 nolva

thinking about adding 50mg ED Dbol from week 6 < ---- thoughts ?

i have just enough for the 10 weeks (20ml. 250mg/ml).. will any of the juice get wasted in a way ?


i am thinking of making it a 9 week cycle and front load 1gram first week.

thoughts ?


That's how I'd run it if that's all I had. And run the dbol from week6 until the day before pct


yes you will piss it out because it is too much

not really..


I forget the exact number, but I've read average healthy young adult male is producing around anywhere from 4 - 10 mg per day of testosterone. So that's anywhere from 28 to 70mg/week. So even if you messed up 2/3 of your injections, you'll still be drastically over your natural production, even taking into account ester weight.


what i meant is by drawing it out. evaporating or shti like that.. fuking noob here give me a break lol


yes you may have a tiny bit of seepage (spelling??)from injection site..yes some dribbles will come out of the needle when you clear the air out. Dont leave your gear in the hot sun and i wouldnt worry about evaporation.


This sounds about right...if you consider that TRT doses are usually around 100 mg/week which keeps many guys in the upper edges of the "normal" range, that is about 70 mg/week T after ester weight...


Yeah I think its between 69mg and 72mg, depending on where you get your date from.