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My 1st Cycle - Critique

I am
22 years old, 185lbs, 14%BF.
Been training for about 4 years now. About to take the plunge.

After researching for about 8 months & and talking back and forth with a few from this site & other forums , I think I came up with a good first cycle. Just looking for your guys Input:
I missing anything?.
I think this is a good first cycle.
I am wondering, since its being my 1st, should I run TEST ALONE? or with d-bol?

Week 1-4 D-bol 20mg ED
Week 1-12 500mg/week Test E or Cyp
Week 14-15 150mg clomid ED
Wk 16-17 50mg clomid ED

Throughout the cycle: I will run an AI (for bloat or if gyno)
FinCar 1.25mg ED
Arimidex .25mg EOD

Just wanted to hear your guys input, on if this is a proper planned cycle, being it my first.
Currently getting 3100 calories , 250gm protein.

Something smells very familiar about this.?.

The dbol is fine with Test on a first cycle. 20mg IMO is very, very low. I’d honestly double it, at least.

On 500mg’s a week of Cyp or Enan you won’t need any AI, even with the dbol kickstart at 40mg ED the first month.

For PCT wait 2 weeks after your last shot before starting. I prefer Nolvadex over Clomid myself but that is debateable. If you pick Clomid your dosages look fine.


Just in case anyone doesnt recall who this guy is. Check his previous posts.

Whats with the new attitude and approach the youngbuck? Didnt like the feedback last time you approached this topic?
See Ya

an AI may be needed even at a dose of 500mg/w cyp/enth with DBol.

I get gyno symptoms even at very low doses like that.

I would drop the d-bol. Everything else looks fine.