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My 1st Cycle, But With What Training Program?


@cryptonite why are you saying he doesn’t know how to train? His instagram pictures would suggest otherwise. He’s pretty clearly been lifting for awhile, he’s not small. And at no point did he suggest otherwise. He was trying to decide between a strength-oriented template and a more standard bodybuilding template. He did not say ‘hey guys, I don’t know how to lift weights, can someone tell me how to do that so I can also do steroids? lolololol’

OP, I’m honestly baffled by the responses you’ve gotten here. You’re 35 years old, you look like you lift, and you’ve decided to use gear. I see nothing wrong with that. Don’t listen to cryptonite, ever. He constantly spews nonsense and shitty advice. I’d block him if I didn’t feel that he needed to be corrected so often.

Anyway, I think your question has an easy answer. You want to be a bodybuilder, so train like a bodybuilder. You CAN achieve great results using a strength-based template. I’m a competitive strongman, really train very little for hypertrophy specifically, and I look pretty good. BUT I’m also sort of an anomaly in that regard. Most strongmen competitiors do not look like me. And you’ve built up a reasonable base to be able to focus primarily on a bodybuilding style template. I don’t have a particular template to suggest, but Yogi’s are good. Anything that has you working in higher rep ranges (think 8+) consistently should work.


Hey man, I would suggest getting a little bit leaner. Then when you start you can really take advantage of the growth. And for training style I would use a pull push legs rotation with 3 to 4 compound movements progressively overloading 1 each session ensure progression. Pretty much like Jordan Peters Style


yeah I think you’re in a way better position than most first-time steroid users. A damn sight bigger than I was, anyway!


Yes i understand flip, however if you have a proven track record of lifting for x amount of time why even ask for help on training protocol? What i want to understand is that, you know what works best for your body clearly just as I do and many others, we have tried many schemes of rep ranges weights bla bla etc etc… so why come here to ask, that is what i don’t get. I am sure he wants us to give him the best training protocol for aas usage but surely that all depends on his goals and everyone is different, there are many ways to train. To be the best bodybuilder you have to try everything and train in all rep schemes and weights, these are basics that are learned when first picking up BBing.


He thinks training on AAS is a lot different from training naturally because he has never done a cycle before. It’s a perfectly reasonable assumption for someone new to this given all the horseshit being written online these days.


still doesnt make sense, if you research aas enough and know what the effects are then you should know how to train, anyways.


man. I really don’t understand you. The dude is seriously just looking for advice on choosing a training template. You know who else asks these sorts of questions? FUCKING EVERYBODY. Think about it. How many high level guys still hire coaches or trainers to sort out their training programs? The answer is a hell of a lot. I work with a coach. I rely on somebody else to help me with my own training template. I ask these sorts of questions when I’m at the gym. ‘Hey what template are you running?’ or even ‘I do strongman, but do you think a bodybuilding training block might help me out? and if so, how would i fit that in?’


you right bro