My 1st Cycle, But With What Training Program?

I’m going to be starting my 1st cycle in a couple of weeks time and am looking for recommendations for a great program which will maximise the growth results. Lower rep, higher weight, strength training? Hypertrophy? A couple of local competitors have given conflicting advice, so throwing it out to the TNation masses. Please, only comment if you have experience with a particular training protocol that you can therefore recommend.

If you’re asking for that generic of program advice there is a good chance your are not advanced enough to be considering a cycle right now.

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Hey @zapata1, while i appreciate you having taken the time to comment, i’m really looking for something more specific and more helpful, like a specific training program that you have experience with and could recommend.

They’re is no one program for size there are only programs geared to more specific goals. Literally pick any program on this site that tickles your interest. As long as you attack it with enough intensity and proper nutrition you will grow. Quit thinking a magic program is gonna make you grow so much more than the next.


Do what you did that got you to your current level. While on cycle, adjust volume and intensity based on recovery ability as well as joint health.

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I have no misconception that there is a magic diet, pill, or program to guarantee success. I have a curious mind and so am always keen to hear of other people’s experiences who share a similar goal.

Big Beyond Belief or Doggcrapp training are both designed to pack on muscle as the primary goal. You could look into those.


Thanks @Yogi1

I believe if you don’t know how to train for bodybuilding, then you shouldn’t even consider roids yet.

What’s your height and weight? What are some of your best lifts? And I don’t mean your best lifts in the big three considering you down need to do them. I mean, say what is your best stiff-legged deadlift, rows, squat variation, dumbbell or barbell bench. And I also don’t mean one rep max either; say something like stiff-legged deadlift for 315# for 10 reps for example.

Post pics for feedback.


Hey @BrickHead, i thought i knew, i think i know, but when 2 different CBBF competitors suggest 2 quite different strategies what exactly is the harm in asking a broader audience for their experience?

There is no harm. There are slightly different ways to bodybuild, but I think if one does not have several years of experience bodybuilding and or has built a decent base and/or doesn’t have the confidence to choose an approach, then they should hold off with the roids for some time, or forever. I don’t have anything against roid use amongst responsible and personally accountable people (e.g., “clean up your own mess” and pay for your own healthcare if a problem arises), but remember: you play, you pay!

That’s why I don’t think roids should be taken by those who don’t have the experience or insight to begin with.

Again, there’s no harm; it’s a pastime at the end of the day. It’s not that serious. Lol.

@BrickHead - Most of my pics are on Instagram @dpknight1981 I’m 5’ 10", 198lbs, 35yrs old. I’ve been lifting for a while, i’d never really thought of competing until a couple of other competitors i know reckoned with some dedicated focus i could be pretty good. So, 2017, i’m going to compete for the 1st time in Oct. My plan on cycle had been to focus on strength. But, knowing that i don’t know all there is to know, i consulted guys with more experience, asking specifically for their suggested best approach to maximise a 1st time cycle. The 1st guy told me to focus on strength, then the 2nd said to focus on hypertrophy. I hadn’t really counted on differing points of view. And so here we are. A person of limited and only natural experience, seeking the advice of the more experienced.

You wanna compete as a BBer. Which of these two do you think you should choose?

@BrickHead, during the test cycle (March - May) my plan had been to strength train for overall size, and then switch to more hypertrophic training coming out of the cycle to start etching details.

We’ve had several discussions in this forum concerning this. The general consensus is that if you want to be the best BBer you can, you train like a bodybuilder (for size).

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you should not be doing AAS if you dont even know basics of training…

@cryptonite thank you so much for your profoundly insightful advice! I do know the basics of training you moron! Read the post and be helpful if you want, if not then piss off.

You’re asking people to tell you what kind of program to do? Or recommend one for you? Are we fuckin joking here? Figure it out bro. Not every program or regiment works for everyone

If your instagram is and indication of your training, you don’t…

you should not be touching AAS if you dont know how to train you are asking us for a training program for god sakes, lmao what are you dude? you came on this part of the forum for advice on a training program for AAS without considering that people that take AAS have already 4-5+ years of natty training alone and know what to do, this question just screams in a NOOB