My 18 Year Old Physique, 5'9", 160 Pounds

Hello guys, i’m a student from Vietnam. I’ve been in the active life since i was a kid, my dad taught me how to swim, play badminton, table tennis, running,… When i was 14 my dad took me to a local gym in my small town, there i started lifting weight. But that time weight traning to me was just a physical activity that came along with cycling, trekking. In my high school i’m obssesed with the active lifestyle and i was doing those activities as my hobby. But when i moved to the university, i decided to seriously traning at the gym. And after one year of hard, consistent training with limited knowledge about nutrition and programming, for the first time in my life i saw my abs and my body is in shape. Back in the day i was ~175 pounds and ~16.7% bf, after 15 weeks of traning now i’m 160 pounds and ~10% bf. I consider myself a enthusiast and very willingly receive all the assessments and the advices of you guys. I’m really happy to found one of the most well- known sites of bodybuilding and to be a member of this forum.
My current 1RM are:
Squat 315lbs ~ 142kg
Deadlift (Conven) ~150kg
Deadlift (Sumo) ~160kg
Bench 90kg
P/s: Sorry for my bad english and for the photo resolution bc all of these photos were taken by cell phone. I’ll try to imrpove photo quality next time :slight_smile:

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Hmm, Good job! Just keep doing what you are doing!

You gotta great physique for your age man keep it up. If someone forced me to tell you a weak point I guess I’d say work on that upper chest which of cource comes with time. Keep it up though man

Awesome for 18, man. Really nothing wrong with your physique, just gotta keep it up. I notice your shoulders are staring to round, I’d add in a few rear delt/subscap and rhomboid excercise in to avoid exacerbating that as you get bigger. But you should be proud man. Again keep it up.