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My '150' Diet


STEP #1 - by the book ' the 150 healthiest foods on earth ' by Jonny Bowden

STEP #2 - eat from the list

for bulking eat more from the list

for fat loss eat less



/edit OP cheats.


i'll enter my nomination now for stupidest thread of the month


Good book, I keep my copy in the washroom and browse through it practically every time I take a dump.

But a stupid ass bulking plan.


step 1 Buy the book eat only at Mcdonalds by Ronald Mcdonald
step 2 Eat from the list

for bulking eat more from the list

for fat loss eat less

Epic Fail


should i combine your '150' diet with the '300' workout for max results?


Yes. It will take five of your lifts to 9000.


but i only do 2 lifts - flat bench and ez bar curls

will i see bigger improvements than 9000 because i just focus on 2 areas?

i wanna be huge, ripped AND shredded by january


good book, but the majority of it is fruit n veg. good luck eating big calories that way. i like to look through it for snack and side-dish options mostly.


Since you never mentioned that you want to gain 30 lbs of lean mass or something else not realistic I won't flame you. I think you can take an -everyday dude who lifts- type of lifestyle and look pretty good. Your diet would work in that application.


Step #1 - Create a T-Nation account.

Step #2 - Post something that is about as useful and intelligent as a walrus in a phone-booth.

Your that dumb!




I didn't realize he did anything wrong until you pointed it out. Am I dummer even than the first guy?




Sarcasm mode not detected.


Agreed, before I competed I was REALLY into eating for optimal health. My grocery list was all products from JB's 150.


Wow. I'm going to have to post a lot of Athlete Penis over in SAMA if I want to win most retarded thread of the month it looks like. BBL guys, I got some work to do.