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My 12 Week Cycle of Rad-140 Gainz

Hello everyone so I got a 12 week supply of Rad - 140 from a company that asked me to run the cycle then review there product. I am going to be running it alone so I can test how pure and good it is. I will give weekly updates on changes in strength and body comp to see if product is legit.

Bro. You joined yesterday. Today you are posting a product review teaser in the pharma section. Do you own, or have commercial interest in this “rad-140”?

I’ll bite. What is it? What is it proported to do?

No I don’t own any interest in this. I have never taken it but other SARMS and just started to get serious with my weightlifting. Not really doing a review per-say but a log of taking it and if it has effect on strength gains. Google it as its suppose to be really close to test without sides. I have been seriously weightlifting for about 6 years and have always read things on here and thought I should try to contribute.

I am on day 2 of 20mg per day and haven’t noticed any difference in strength.