my 12/8/01 powerlifting meet

i had my competition yesterday in a drug tested federation and i had to take the pee test. i will pass. no androsol or mag 10 allowed. didn’t go as well as planned. squats 565, missed 600 (called on depth) 600 (very easy; was planning on a 635-650 squat for my third); bench 345 375(pr) missed 380; deadlift 565, 600 missed 615 (was hoping 600 would feel good enough to try 625). totaled 1575 tied a pr total. not a bad day overall. 2nd place 198 open and 2nd place submasters. my wife lifted in the morning. at 110 lbs, she squatted 225, benched 105, and deadlifted 260. made some incredible attempts at a 235 squat and a 280 deadlift. broked some of her own state records. got a trophy for best overall woman lifter. i helped her from 930 am to 130 pm and then had to lift from 230 to 7. helped my workout partners also. very exhausted. that took a lot out of me before i even had to lift. i have to get down to about 204 next time. dropped to 198 from 206 in a week and lost some strength. check out the videos of us at go to the video section and place the mouse of the pictures. my take a while, some files are large.

nice lifting. cool videos. see you at the next meet.

awesome lifting. the 600 squat looked real easy. you had more in you. the deadlift looked fairly easy also.