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My 10x3 Results

Hi all,

I just wanted to share with everyone the awesome results I have been having with my 10x3 program.

I started the program 3 weeks ago weighting 86.6kg and after 3 full weeks I weighed in at 91.5kg. I must note that I am not taking creatine so there is no ‘water’ weight from it (I gain about 2-3kgs in the first week of using creatine for the record).

As far as fat gain goes it appears to be minimal. In fact I am getting new veins appearing all the time! Undoubtedly I’ve added a little, but I’d say at least 90% of my gains have been quality.

  • For the first time ever I’ve consumed a ‘post workout’ shake, pre- and post- workout. 40g C and 30g P Pre, 60g C and 40g P post.

  • The only supps I’m using are : protein powder, xtend (bcaa and glutamine) and sesamin. I take 500mg of sesamin at dinner time. I included this as I usually have a predisposition to add fat quickly. Sesamin is supposedly anti-anabolic yet I’m still gaining quick.

3 sessions per week I sip 3 serves of xtend during the workout (21g bcaa, 7.5 g glut) and have one in post shake.
The other workout I have 1.5 serves pre and post. This is simply due to the fact I train at a different gym on that day. I also am drinking a truckload of green tea.

I am yet to miss any reps eg gettign all 30 and the poundages have increased each and every workout. I go up either 2.5 or 5 kg at a time.

The workout
(for those unfamilar with 10x3 check out CW’s work)

Squats 10x3
GM 5x5

Bench 10x3
Row 10x3

Wed: Off

GHR 10x3
Light quad work, maybe unilateral eg lunges 3 sets

Chins 10x3
Military press 10x3
Curls: 5x5

Initally I set my self a goal to hit 90kg by mid- late november, however I’ve blown past that already. I’m going to keep this program going for another 3-4 weeks all I keep everyone updated.

Good. It’s a great training protocol. Glad you’re having good results.


I love working out like this too and I have introduced it to several members of my gym and they all like it as well as have gains from it.

Good job man

My routine is so similiar to yours. Do you superset the chins/military press and bench/rows?. 10 x 3 is fun and I walk away feeling like much has been accomplished.

Looks very similar to the routine I did when I first switched to 10X3’s. It works like a charm if you haven’t done higher volume work before. Congrats on your progress!

This is money.

I remember the first time I did low rep sets. I also remember the first time I added PWO nutrition. Putting them together would have effects like you indicate.

Dan “money” McVicker

What is GM and GHR?

Damn, I feel like a newb.

GM - Good morning
GHR - Glute Ham Raise

With just two exercizes most days is your workout only taking around 30 minutes to complete? On the 10 x 3 lets say 70 seconds between sets and on the 5 x 5 at 60 to 90 seconds that is about 20 minutes of rest and those 15 sets should take under one minute per set which would make it about 35 minute workout.

I have tried a 10 x 3 and always left the gym feeling like I was missing out on something. Not a hard enough pump and way to short of a workout. It may just be mental but it has just been hard for me to stick to those short workouts. I am glad it is working well for you, maybe I should try it again.