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My 10 Week Cut w/ Weekly Progression Photos


The pics basically say it all.

This was a 'no cardio' cut, which means it was all done with nutritional methods only. I decided to stop after 10 weeks because I am not competing and was tired of the daily cutting grind.

It was time to get my strength back and get my grow on once again.

Constructive criticism welcomed.



Curious to what you weighed before, during, and after. Also, how did your nutrition change? Look like a pretty thick dude with a great frame for size.


I weighed right around 200-202lbs at Week 1. I ended the cut weighing 187-188 for a loss of roughly 13 pounds.

I changed my nutrition by varying my carb intake. I dropped my carbs significantly and followed my usual nutrition template. Calories up in the mid 2000 range.

Thanks man, I appreciate it. Most people think I weigh more than I really do. I'm 6ft tall and look heavier than 188 in the last couple of pictures.


You look good but I think after week 6 you didnt lose any more fat.

It looks like you just got smaller at that point.

The difference between week 1 and 2 is crazy. And week 9 is the best picture there. But I really cant see a difference between week 6 and 9.

But good job overall. Good proportions


My God. I'm 6'1" and weigh more than you, but you seriously look 30 lb heavier. Did you cut out water to make that weight or just diet?


Well, all I can say is that I've been consistent with my training and nutrition for years. I have a very small frame, so all my size is muscle mass, not bone structure.

That weight is just from dieting regularly. I did no water manipulation methods, just random weighing before I took the pictures each week. I ate carbs every day, so there was no attempt to drop water.


From my personal experience, I did get leaner from Week 6 to Week 10. In a larger picture, you can tell there are more striations throughout my body in the final weeks.

I was definitely holding tons of water during Week 1. The drop in carbs really dried me out I guess.

Thanks for the comments, I appreciate it.


That's good then. Hard to tell from the small pics.


Outstanding progress. Very reassuring to see it can be done without cardio.

Would you mind elucidating as to what your training looked like?
-Heavy low reps
-Standard 8-12rep bodybuilding?

Any pharmacological assistance? (By no means am I implying there was).


Yes, I do feel that my next step to leaning up even more would've been cardio. However, without a contest in mind, I feel I was lean enough.

I follow my own training program, Growth Stimulus Training. The program consists of multiple rep schemes (4-6, 8-12, and 15-20) for supplement lifts. The program consists of multiple intensity levels for core lifts as well (60 through 90%). The program is based around working movements, not muscle groups, so there are 4 workouts (squat, press, lift, and pull). Googling the program will lead you to more information if you're interested.

I am a lifetime natural. No offense taken btw. I don't feel that I have any need to assistance right now. Maybe later in life, but not right now.

Thanks for replying,



Great pics, well done......what was your carb intake on a weekly/daily basis , and did you go under 50 at anytime?


Looking good man, beastly legs.

What song were you dancing to when you took the pic for week 7?


Twisted by Keith Sweat, of course!


I went purely by feel, and I'd say that I hung around 100g per day. There were days that I'd go hard and bring it down to 50ish though. If I felt like I needed a boost, I ate a carb meal. If not, I stuck to a protein + fat meal. I have a set of concepts that I follow, and that I have others follow as well, but this was mainly an instinctual cut.

I actually logged a month's worth of my meals on facebook in a photo album. PM me if you'd like to add me and check them out.


Just wanted to say, amazing job!!


im 5'11" 230 and you look 30lbs heavier than me...lol


Great job man.


Can you explain more on your training whats a lift day look like? How many sets and what exercises are you normally doing?


No, I agree. You look good even from the beginning but even making them larger, you look nearly the same from week 6 to finish, no offense. Did you measure your BF in any way? Did your weight change?


Batman, my troll alert is going off.

One, there is no way that guy is 6ft and only weighs 190ish. Two, he says he lost around 13 lbs. If he started at around 12.5% bodyfat he would have had about 175lbs of lean body mass. If he lost 10lbs of fat and 3lbs of muscle, his final bodyfat % would have been about 8%. There is no way that week 10 pic is at 8%.