my 1 year CT program workout

Here’s my plan for the next year. After I finish 5x5, a modified 5x5, in january, I plan on running almost a year of CT’s programs. From February to May, I will be on his OVT program to gain general strength and to prepare myself for CAD. Right now, my strength and stamina is not where it should be with 5x5 so I’ll be using OVT to get me ready for CAD.
Then from May-August, I’ll be using CT’s CAD training to hopefully increase my vertical/explosiveness.
The goal by next january is to increase my explosiveness and vertical for basketball.
I was just wondering what CT or anyone else thought about this plan.

I agree with P-Dog, whose response went into a separate thread for some reason. Not only is 4 months of OVT too long, it’s not necessary for your goal of increasing VJ for B-ball. Sure some mass will help, but too much and you’ll just be adding weight that will hold you down. A month of OVT would be okay.

You should also look at using a program of Olympic lifts as these are good for building the explosion you need to increase VJ, or so I’ve heard. If you still want to add mass, try CT’s HTT program which uses O lifts as part of a strength/mass building routine.