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Mxing GHRP6 Maths

please help, my head hurts and im tired!

i have a 5mg vial of GHRP-6 and a 2ml vial of CJC-1293

I want to do 100mcg shots

I put 3ml (300iu) Bac water into them and i cant figure out how much of each to take to get 100mcg each. please help.

6iu for ghrp6
15iu cjc1293

For the GHRP 6, I use 2.5 ml Bac in my 5 mg Vial…so in the end, you will need to increase my dose by

300/250…or 1.2 times, or 20 percent.

I use .5 cc pins and I fill to the 5 mark to get 100 mcg. So you will need to pull and fill to the

one line past the 5 mark on a .5 cc pin. That mark is the 6 i.u. mark that svlao mentioned.

If you have not used GHRP 6 before…note, if you want the appetite surge that comes about 15-20 min

after you pin, you will need to use 300 mcg or maybe 250 to get that hunger surge. 100 mcg does nothing

for me for the appetite.