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(MXC) Most Extreme Challenge

I found some hilarious and painful clips from the show. Check them out.

I’ll start off with a very painful one!

Hilarious and painful!






Very funny writing in this one!


This show is hilarious.

There’s just something naturally funny about Japanese people hurting themselves. I love that show.

funny stuff

I love this show.

That’s some funny shit! I’ve heard of these shows but had never seen any clips. And yes it is funny seeing people hurt themselves. I would even say I get a real kick out of it, as long as they don’t hurt themselves too bad…

Kenny Blankenship, Vic Romano, and Gi are my heros. MXC is the shit.

Aye,sucks cause I’m never really sure when its on.

Gi LeDouche

[quote]georgeb wrote:
This show is hilarious.[/quote]

Right you are Ken.

Sorry, but I hate that show. It’s just stupid and doesn’t really have any entertainment value.

Now, give me Aquat Teen Hunger Force any day, but MXC sucks balls.

MXC isn’t bad. it’s either hit or miss. sometimes it’s hilarious, sometimes it sucks.

i was watching some show on comedy central last night called “the Hollow Men.” funniest fn show i have ever seen.