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MXC: Anyone Watch?

Do any of you watch this show? Here’s some hilarious moments from it.

I watch. I like Kenney Blankenship and the Captain best !


Vic Romano is funny too… at times.

This is one of the best nonsense shows I have ever seen. Its like a Korean Fear Factor meets Pee-Wee Herman’s Playhouse.

The producers not-even-attempt at translating is what makes this show funny to hear and watch. It comes on Spike at 8 or 9pm where I live, followed by Well spring of Trivia.

Its funny someone posted about this, ironically I was thinking the other day how there should be a T-Nation team competing in it… and then I thought of at least 20 reasons why that was a horrible idea.

greatest show ever, or at least top 5.

Great show. I don’t watch it nearly enough.