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MW3 for Xbox


Who is getting it tonight?


Mine should arrive tomorrow here in the UK.

Can't wait.


So...when do we actually play? The weekends? Friday? Saturday?


I have to wait until Friday to pick mine up. :frowning:


XBL Gamertag: MD Geist86

I'm an Aries, I like long walks on the beach, and I use the noob tube often.


I'll probably put in a good few hours tomorrow if it actually turns up... Amazon still hasn't dispatched.

Otherwise, Fri/Sat just like the good ol' days.

Amazon just dispatched. Woo!


See you on Friday night! YAY!


Haven't played any XboX in almost 6 months but I'm gonna try to pick up MW3 this week. Damn wedding planning taking up all my time! Haha


Greg, don't worry about it. We're already working on a memorial for you. Every time we play a game, we should noob tubes in the air in honor of you.

Plus, we're replacing you with DJHT.





I'm trying to get it today, otherwise tomorrow if I can find it in stores near me.

Gamertag: BK Jrod


lol consoles


Aye, tonight, with the rest of the nerds


Fucking Unbelievable: http://www.gametrailers.com/news/6-000-copies-of-mw3-stolen/4031

"Numerous online reports indicate that a French deliver truck carrying approximately 6,000 copies of the title in south Paris was hijacked by two people in masks on Saturday."


Mine should get here sometime tomorrow. Haven't really played online for months. Will have to get back into the groove. Think I'm still friends w/ a lot of you guys from here so we'll have to hit up some online play.


Hahahahahahaha LOL!


I've been threatened with "I got it for you as a present, honey!"

I'll be a widow from midnight on for the foreseeable future.


Damn some people play too much GTA...


Good shit hahaha. My GT is : Malaria bR

I play with a bunch of nerds and we are way too good at video games, but if you dont mind excessive yelling at children youre more than welcome to party up with us. Ill be on aderol all night pwning noobs


Not a widow, but a neglected wife. He'll come back when his XBOX live expires.