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MVP question for Spongebob

Spongebob, I’ve asked this question to Bill Roberts and he said he didn’t have the knowledge to answer it and that I should ask you. I have mitral valve prolapse (actually, my doctor said I have beats suspicious of MVP but not diagnostic of MVP, whatever that means) and was wondering if Mag-10 would be ok for me to use? How about the new 4ad-ec? I’d appreciate your response if you have any experience in this. Thanks.


Can’t diagnose MVP by listening to a heart. If your doc claims he can, he should publish a paper because it’s not possible as of now. If you really want to know whether or not you have it, you need to get an echocardiogram done.

DocT is right, this smells fishy.

I don’t think it’s really uncommon for doctors to kindve blow off m.v.p. as it does seem to be a rather benign condition and quite common. I personally have known and trained dozens of people with m.v.p. but have yet to meet any who have really had any trouble with it other than feeling some irregular or skipped heartbeats and feeling a little lightheaded from time to time. Of the ones that have trouble with supplements it seems stimulants such as ephedrine and high doses of caffeine along with stress are the usual culprits. I would think you could probably tolerate mag 10 just fine as long as you don’t stack it with a bunch of thermos etc.