Muthrows94 Lab Work

I had a feeling something was up with my endo system and after reading the stickies and threads in this forum, I believe I may have found the issue. I will go into more detail later.

age- 26
height- 6’1"
waist- 33"
weight- 210
describe body and facial hair- Minimal arm and leg hair, very sparse and minimal chest hair except around the areola. Facial hair is not very thick but, enough to notice a 5’ oclcok shadow (I have real light colored hair as well which makes it harder to see)
describe where you carry fat and how changed- I tend to carry fat in my love handle area, stomach, and recently my chest. Always have had lean arms and legs.

health conditions, symptoms- No pre-exisiting health conditions, I beleive as a teenager I had psuedo gyno (I beleive that is the correct term, I did not have lumps behind the nipples but have always had male boobs to an extent working out seemed to mask them though). Over the past year and half or so I have had a lack libido, strength gains completley non-existent, very little motiviation for anything, minimal pump in the gym, intensity of orgasm’s have plummeted, fat in my chest has gotten worse, anxiety has increased, sleep has been extremely inconsistent with waking up every couple of hours throughout the night (usually wake up 4-6 times a given night).
Rx and OTC drugs, any hair loss drugs or prostate drugs ever- Not currently taking Rx or any OTC, aside from, Multi-vitamins, fishoil, Vit D3 (10,000iu), whey protein, casein protein, occasionally creatine.
Lab Results:

Albumin - 5.6 (3.6-5.1)
A/G Ratio - 2.3 (1.0-2.1)
Bilirubin, Total - 1.3 (0.2-1.2)
Cholesterol - 201 (125-200)
Triglycerides - 75 (<150)
HDL Cholesterol - 56 (>40)
LDL Cholesterol, Calculated - 130 (0-100)
Testosterone, Total,LCMSMS - 738 (250-1100)
Testosterone, Free - 86.3 (35-155)
LH - 3.3 (1.5-9.3)
E2 - 45pg/ml (No normal ranges provided)
Prolactin - 5.9 (2-18)
DHEA Sulfate - 173 (110-510)
FSH - 2.2 (1.6-8.0)
TSH - 2.71 (.4-4.5)
T3,Free - 3.0 (2.3-4.2)
T4, Free - 1.2 (.08-1.8)
-describe diet [some create substantial damage with starvation diets]- I have a well balanced diet typically lower carb aside from around workouts, well balanced 1-1.5 g protein per day, i consume EVOO, Coconut Oil, Mac Nut Oil, Avocado Oil, almost daily
-describe training [some ruin there hormones by over training]- 4 days a week with chest/tri, back, legs, arms/shoulders, typically M-T-TH-Sa split, minimal cardio, usually 3-5 sets of 5 reps for primary lifts, 3-4 sets 6-10 reps of auxillary work, usually only pick one or two main lifts a day depending on the day then the auxillaries.
-testes ache, ever, with a fever? Completely fine
-how have morning wood and nocturnal erections changed - both are usually rare unless I have sex or masterbate, if i have sex or masterbate i will typically get nocturnal and morning wood, however, after a day or two they go away (provided I did not have sex or masterbate)

I realize I do not have all the prescribe tests done, it was difficult to get my DR. to agree to the tests above and I was happy with what I could get. I was about to order a kit off LEF a couple weeks back but, this Doc finally agreed to most of the tests I had asked for (bout my 4th or 5th doctor). He said the tests were normal blah blah balh you’ve heard it before. Offered an SSRI but, i turned it down for the time being (not opposed to one though). I was fairly convinced that my E2 levels were probably the root cause given all the other symptos and signs i have read through the various forum posts. The biggest indicator to me that something was up, was my chest getting even fatter despite me being lean (which makes it look even worse) and my libido. IDK the ranges for the E2 but I thought they were between 10-50 somewhere around there, if that is the case then my eleveated levels should be addressed??? I really appreciate any help and advice I can get, thank you for your time and your help!!!
ANy other information you may need do not hesitate to ask…thanks!

Nice opening post.

Your HPTA looks functional, and E2 repressed. I think that lowering E2 will allow T to increase. Thyroid problems can also lower T levels.

Why is E2 up? Probably because your liver is not clearing it. Too bad that you do not have liver markers in your lab work. LEF would have covered that and more.

Your TSH is wacko. Check your waking body temps and record for a while, then post here.

How stressful is your life?

You should try 25mg DHEA.

E2=46 is making you fat, and fat makes more E2. You look a good candidate for anastrozole. Given your current T levels, 0.5 mg/week in EOD divided doses would be a good start. You would expect to feel major improvements in 10-14 days. Progress can continue for up to two months in some cases. Your doc will probably tell you that E2 is normal. In reality, you are very estrogen dominant.

-pursue anastrozole
-check waking body temps and report
-describe stress
-iodine in your vits or salt?

Awesome thank for the response Ksman, confirmed my instincts in that estrogen was to high.

I would say I am pretty stress free, aside from putting my body through stress by not getting a full nights rest and working out. I will record waking temps over the course of this week and post back here. I will also look into purchasing some DHEA and some anastrozole. Doctor didn’t really know much about E2, even when I brought it up (gave the status quo response, test used for women), so he wouldnt even know what normal was.

I usually cook with sea salts and I eat nuts that contain sea salts, I will have to check my multi but, I do not think their is any in that.

Thanks again and I will report back soon.

estrogen is too high.
Thyroid looks out of balance (high TSH / below ideal FT3, FT4)

makes me wonder what your cortisol levels look like. I would guess low, which is what could be driving your higher E2.

getting your ferritin, D25-OH tested could also be helpful.

adding DHEA could just drive additional estrogen if your cortisol is not sufficient.

Ok, I will look into that…thanks PureChance

Edit: Ordered ZRT Cortisol Saliva Test and will be testing in the AM after an Off day during the week.

Usually one tests cortisol on a stressful day to see how things are at that critical time.

Sea salt does not have iodine, drops out as crystals grow. Salt used in commercial food prep does not contain iodine. You can find sea salts that have been iodized. Some ‘rock salts’ have some iodine.

Gotcha, I will test on an average day then. Thanks for the tip on Sea Salt, I was under the impression that it had iodine…

Update (delay caused by not getting cortisol test results back):

I tested cortisol, difficult for me to really determine a stressful time of day as I generally do not feel stress very often. I tested in the morning about an hour after lifting and 30 mins. after arriving to work, figuring that afer a workout cortisol levels should be elevated and just getting to work I figured might be my most stressful part of the morning(BLAH). Test results from ZRT Labratory:

Cortisol 3.4L (3.7-9.5)

I also monitored morning temps for about 10 days. Average temp. was 96.3 degrees. Appears that I may have adrenal fatigue and possible sub-clinical hypothyroidism.

Posting in here to keep track of my regimen for future reference (kind of a log for me) and any insight that someone can provide would also be cool.

Currently taking:

D-3 5,000 iu
Isocort - 2 pellets
Anastrozole - EOD 1 mg/ml per week

Mid Am
Cortico B5B6 - 1 pill
Adaptocrine - 2 capsule
Zinc - 50 mg
i-Throid (iodine) - 1 capsule
Fish Oil - 6 grams
Vitamin C - 1,000 mg - 1 tablet

i-Throid (iodine) - 1 capsule
Adaptocrine - 2 capsule
B complex vitamins - 1 capsule
Vitamin C - 1,000 mg - 1 tablet
Fish Oil - 6 grams
Isocort - 1 pellet

D-3 5,000 iu
Isocort - 1 pellet
Adaptocrine - 2 capsules
Fish Oil - 6 grams
i-Throid (iodine) - 1 capsule

Prior to Bed
Magnesium - 400mg

So far minimal differences in prior symptoms. Aside from, Isocort, I have been following this regimen for several weeks, obviously more time is needed but, wanted to document the start. Just started taking Isocort today and will start out at 10mg of cortisone daily and see where that takes me. Morning temps still very low but, I suspect either my Iodine stores were that depleted and/or my adrenals need to be preforming better before marked improvement their, I am suspecting that its probably an issue of both low Iodine levels and ineffecient adrenal function. Iodine i supplemented at 50mg first week, 37.5mg week 2 and 3, and will take a 25mg dose until morning temps rise.

DHEA-S levels need to be addressed but, I am trying to get cortisol, as well as, E2 levels at a comfortable level before adding…I will be checking both E2 and cortisol levels in the next month to assure that is the case and add DHEA-S until desired levels are reached.

Switched protein powders and adding more coconut oil into my diet as well. I have added more cardio to my workouts and am lifting in a higher rep range 6-8 as opposed to 3-5 on core lifts.

Thinking of adding CoQ10 and possibly tryptophan or melatonin at night. I feel once cortisol levels are higher, everything will fall into place.

DHEA is used to help recover from adrenal fatigue, not afterwards.

What are you doing about high E2?

[quote]KSman wrote:
DHEA is used to help recover from adrenal fatigue, not afterwards.

What are you doing about high E2?[/quote]

Right, I was just concerend with driving up E2 while supplementing DHEA. I wanted to get my E2 under control before adding DHEA, I will add now and check both DHEA and E2 levels after a month of supplementing.

High E2 is being addressed by supplementing with Anastrozole at .25mg, EOD.

sounds like a good program so far. If you are not seeing any difference, you can continue increasing Isocort up to 8 pills a day. 3-2-2-1 work pretty good for most.

increasing your cortisol should also help manage your E2 levels.

T needs cortisol. Not having enough cortisol will cause your system to dump what it considers ‘excess’ T to E2.

[quote]PureChance wrote:
sounds like a good program so far. If you are not seeing any difference, you can continue increasing Isocort up to 8 pills a day. 3-2-2-1 work pretty good for most.

increasing your cortisol should also help manage your E2 levels.

T needs cortisol. Not having enough cortisol will cause your system to dump what it considers ‘excess’ T to E2.[/quote]

Yea that is what I kinda figured, a majority of my issues stemming from adrenal fatigue. I wanted to dose the Iscort at a minimum of 4 pellets to see how I respond and will increase accordingly. I will probably end up taking 8 pellets and I will use your dosing method if I do increase…thanks for the input!