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Mutation Supplement Q

I asked this to CT without a reply…so I figured I’d ask here:

so i decided to switch gears and try out OVT/Mutation Series Part I, and I saw that you used ALOT of suppliments…

now I’ve always supported and approved of the staples: protein, creatine, vitamins and fish oil, but you added RED KAT, M and TRIBEX (which would basically turn out to be Alpha Male and M now)…I just turned 20 and I’m not too comfortable altering my testosterone levels given my already-high hormones

not to mention I’m in college and I don’t have an extra $100 lying around to afford those suppliments…are my results going suffer signficantly, are there alternatives? What would you recommend?

The staple for CT’s mutation was his diet and the supplements only added to his growth. I believe he got no less than 300g of protein a day, which is totally awesome. You could take all the supplements in the world and if your diet is not tuned in then your gains will be stunted or non-existent.

I’m in the same boat as you without endless amounts of money to spend on supplements but now a days I’d rather spend them on food. I’d suggest you get your diet tuned and see how things go. Lots of sleep is encouraged too! :slight_smile: