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Mutation Series

I have a couple of questions for anyone with expertise and experience with the Mutation Series.

I’m doing a natural show and I am 6 weeks out. I am just at the beginning of phase 3 of the mutation series and was wondering if I timed it wrong.

I also had some questions regarding the supplements on this phase. Should I stop taking creatine during this phase? Also CT talks about taking ala before carb meals.

My questions pertain to the off days. How should I split my carbs up on my off days? I normally take my carbs in in the two postworkout meals on training days but I am confused about how I should split them on off days and if I spread them thru the day when do I take the ala? Only after my workouts? Any help would be much appreciated.

You might want to PM CT. He’s pretty good about responding to them pretty quickly.

How do I go about PM ing CT? I think I tried that but I am not sure if it went through.