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Mutation Series Question


right now im half way through my second week and everything is going well...but i was getting ready for phase II and have some questions.

I roll(BJJ) roughly 5 times a wk and was still planning on doing the energy work system...how would you work in the carbs since your only taking them in pwo and the meal after that. i could split them in half and do it twice...but that defeat the purpose only consuming carbs only twice a day.

can anyone chime in here..


What do you feel needs more carbs pwo? I'd stick with only weight training and only BJJ, and take the pwo meal where you feel you need it most to recover.


I'd keep it the way it is. The thing I'd watch out for is not doing too much energy systems work along with you BJJ on a reduced calorie diet. Been a while since I've read those articles so I could be wrong.


ryu - they are both amazing taxing on my body...BJJ is one of the toughest workouts imo..especially when you roll w/ strikes...maybe i'll just cut the engergy system work down a little bit