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Mutation Series, Part 3

Hey CT-
when will the next installation of the series be avalable?

Yes, CT, this series has helped me reshape my body in an amaziningly short period of time. If you post part 3, I’ll be ready to begin ASAP.

As you may know, I’ve been having some computer problems which kept my away from my work computer (on which all my articles and files were stored) so it was impossible for me to send it in.

However I was able to send it to TC last Friday so it should be available shortly.

Glad you guys like the series so far BTW!

Thanks CT. Very good results so far.


Thanks, CT. The mutation series rocks because it covers all the bases so well. The leg workout is a killer when done with intensity, and the other days are just enough to be challenging without overtraining me. I literally notice a difference after every week. I don’t even need a fat burner; plenty of protein and tribulus has worked phenomenally.