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Mutation Series II

I just finished reading Christian Thibaudeau’s Mutation II article and I am thinking about giving his program a try. The problem is that when I read his workout program, I was unclear about the amount of rest to use and when to take that rest. Is it 15 seconds between sets and 120 seconds between excercises, or is it 120 seconds between sets?

Bump. I was also a little unclear as to whether you do the 15 second pauses for each one of the the 4 “extended” sets,(it seems pretty intense doing it every set), or just after the last one and then take a 120 second break.

Also confused about the timing!

Try carb-cycling as he suggests as well. I think that we’re going to be hearing a lot more about that on this forum.


4 sets of extended 5’s I believe means:

you do four complete sets of a series of 3 sets.

you do 1 set for 5 reps doing 301 tempo, then pause for 15 secs, use the same weight for as many reps as you can do, then pause for 15 secs, then do the same weight again for as many reps as you can do. that is one complete set. take 120 sec break. then do 3 more complete sets the same way.

i did the arms workout of this series last night, took about one hour to do. the only thing i changed was the decline tricep extensions to seated upright tricep extensions. my arms hurt like a bitch, but hey thats the game.

Mutation Series 1 is also a very good program. Good results with this program.