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How bad is mustard for you? sodium content.
I’ve been mixing my tuna in it, and mixing assorted meats in it also.

It’s debatable, a little sodium is needed in your diet, just not in access… It is also said that eating MUSTARD, thing with venegar in them slow gastric emptying (Sp), thus lowering how fast food enters the blood stream, which inturn to a lower insulin level…
So it has it’s benifits, just dont go overboard, or eat a caseload if u plan on sky diving (it thins the blood)…

honestly, i dont think it is bad at all. i eat lots of it.

We think that its not bad, but I’m sure John Berardi will come along some day and tell us all that our excessive consumption of mustard is the reason that we’re not all 225 and 6%.

Its better than ketchup. Ketchup has high fructose corn syrup which has way too much sugar. The mustard lacks this thus giving the sour taste. If you had to go with something, it could be one of the better decisions to go with.

o.k. we have gone to far…yes yellow mustard is the reason why we can’t reach our goals now…dude eat the crap out of it,is one of the top condemnments for bodybuilders…yellow mustard and pace picante sauce are tops and I eat a truck load…and unlike most of the people on the board I am a national level competitor at 225 competition weight…

I’d bet that its the best of the basic condiments but its the only one ireally dont like. heres to dry sandwhiches

its got some thermogenic but not much

Im not sure what your concerned about is it sodium?The body will not function without sodium,and people that cut sodium out are definitely not doing themselves a favour in any area im aware of!With food condiments your biggest concern is monosodium glutamate, which causes negative partitioning of calories and about every health problem known to man.Look it up on medline, but i warn you, it may be the last time you touch condiments.

I have had some people tell me eating mustard is good for cramps. Is this true? Is it better than a bannana or tomato or gatorade? Just curious.

There is no reason whatsoever to cut sodium. It is necessary and even beneficial. Sodium intake is directly related to increased blood volume, which has great effects on your training. There are obviously many other benefits to sodium. Anyone who tells you to keep it low is stuck a few years back.

Fuck these kind of questions. Shit for brains.