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Must See Video - Louie Simmons Tearing it Up in the Gym


Had to post this one. While others are trying to collect their social security Louie is bleeding in the gym to get stronger.


VERY cool to see.

Dave Tate


Awesome video, Louie is a beast. Its good to see you post here Dave, I have read both Under The Bar and Raising The Bar, they were both great.


Louie is awesome!


awesome video. and weve got Dave Tate here? nice!


Is he wearing Oly shoes in that??

Looked like a really comfortable weight for him anyway... glad to see him going strong!


Log spammer! Sweet video Dave.



That's a bad ass mofo right there, but...

How can anyone hate the interwebz?


+1 for the 09ers you can no longer mess with us we have THE DAVE TATE!! great to see you posting.


anyone know how old he is now?


See that's where you're wrong again. Must be because you're an '09er. :slight_smile:

Dave's posted here before under his own name, don't know why he switched. Actually he had some kick ass rants if I can recall. If you want to dig them up, they were in or about 2005.


Dave Tate is posting here now? Sweeeet.


fucking 9ers


Jason Pegg is an 09er, he is a war vet and strong as fuck, +2.


As an O-lifter who's turning 35 this year, I get more motivation and inspiration to continue to train hard and push for PR's from the powerlifting and strongman community than my own. Guys like Louie and Dave and Ed Coan don't let anything stop them and that's awesome to see, and a great role model to follow. Thank you Dave and great job Louie.


Nah, it Timmy the trainer really!


he's got to be nearly 60 by now.


i want luie simmons to have mi kids


relax dude.


the videos already been removed from youtube LOL


I knew the video would not stay up long. I hope you all had a chance to see it.