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Must save threads

There have been some great threads lately and it has been hard to keep up at times. What are some of the ‘must save’ threads?
Here are some to start with in no particular order(this will find them on the search engine)
400 m sprints
Coach what do you eat
Can you build muscle and lose fat at the same time
Ascending descending training http://t-forums.t-mag.com/readTopic.do?id=237727

These are only a few of the many, what do others recomend.

Ive got most of the threads you mentioned…but I also have Your Refeed HQ…ALOT of good stuff in that one.

christian training blocks is a must save thread… Hell pretty much everything that he whips up in Liar of the Ice Dog needs to be saved… in a 3 ring binder…

I think I make that my book to start out before the real book comes in… Stop teasing us with your book Christian… I need it NOW!!! :slight_smile:

While there wasn’t any innovative training/diet info in this one, the sentimental value makes it worthy, especially considering the people it pertained to. My vote goes to the Skinny Bastard Support threads from about three years ago. Timbo has come a long way from them days!

All the above mentioned were good, and I would also include the Poliquin diet threads.

Monty, my bro, I shall never give you a hard time again. That was real cool of you, brutha. Thanks.

That said, the thread is very insightful and involves contribution from nearly everyone of the members of the forum at the time.

There were also several threads that led up to that one that involved the psychological aspects of eating and leanness. We should try to dig those up also.

I also second the Poliquin threads. The Refeed HQ is another dandy, as is the Gain Muscle/Lose Fat thread.

Tampa-Terry has also dropped tons of knowledge bombs, too, and there were a couple threads I saved in the old format.