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Must Reads for Beginners!


If you're new or relatively new to bodybuilding, do yourself a favor and read these articles by Christian Thibaudeau.

You'll save yourself years of frustration!

Training for Newbies, part 1:


Training for Newbies, part 2:



Great resources for a new trainee. Would have been nice to have back in the day instead of the "Curls and Leg Extensions" program I did.


great articles the best i've seen written on this site.


Christian Thibaudeau is one of the best coaches out there. I love most of this articles.


great article ............


awesome articles!! nutrition for newbies is really good too.


Nice read thanks


great articles. thanks !


These articles are great. The companion "Nutrition" and "Program Design" series are also really excellent, and I'm reading them through over and over to absorb the information and plan out my routine.

Can anyone point me in the direction of a similar piece that explains stretching? I'm a beginner, wanting to get big, and it seems like there's a lot of conflicting advice out there: "the only flexibility you need is from lifting" vs. "get as flexible as possible", etc. etc.


awesome articles! still find myself reading over them.


They are good articles, but I think we need more biomechanics and neurophisiology explanations made easier rather than go on endless debates about tempo, sets, reps, rest periods, frequency, movements, periodization, weights/loads and all.


Dude you really are something else LOL! You may not believe this, but I actually kinda like you despite butting heads all the time.


I just started weight training as my New Years Resolution. Im a lean 6ft4 (with a beer gut) that played basketball all my life. My coaches always stressed me not weight training due to it possibly altering my jumper.

Now that I have lost interest in B-Ball I'm trying to develop bigger arms and a tighter stomach. Your article gave me alot of insight, especially on not over doing it. If you have anymore tips on the 2 things I just named Holla Back. Thanks


Hey all, I just joined today, I got done with a crapload of cardio after 6 months, I went from 281LBS to 215 LBS, I want to keep losing weight but at the same time gain muscle. Would a picture of my current body help out?


Ts Nod, start your own thread and ask your question again.


TC Luoma is my hero!!


those are great articles, thanks for the insite.


I hope you don't mind, TC, but I'm going to post these articles also:

Nutrition for Newbies, Part 1

Nutrition for Newbies, Part 2

Supplementation for Newbies

The 13 Super Stacks

[u]How to read and apply these articles:[/u]
1. Read the nutrition articles first, as they will gives you a crash course in everything you need to know right now. From there, build a solid diet using the information you obtained.

  1. Next, read the supplementation article to learn about what each supplement does and how they function together with your diet. Remember, supplements are pretty simple, what they do is in their name: they supplement your diet.

  2. Finally, read Shugart's article on the "Super Stacks." Figure out which recommended stack best fulfills your goals' needs.

Read the articles, learn from them, apply them to your life, diet, training, and even possibly religion, and you'll have yourself a solid foundation. Good luck.


nice articles that everyone first starting out in the game should ahve access to.


These articles give the new ones of us the chance to do the things without the try and error method. Unfortunately the things didnt exist in my starting time but im glad that i have now the opportunity to get these great informations.