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Must Read For Thinkers

Just read “Crimes against Logic” a really funny and informative book about argumentation, the philisophical kind not the shouting kind. It covers logical fallacies and is a great way to really understand just how full of shit people are a lot of the time. the author is Jamie Whyte.

I choose not to find out how full of shit I am. Ignorance is bliss.

I particularly like the saying:

“Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence”

Very true in all scientific fields - whoever thought we’d fly to the moon during the dark ages?

Remember, the strange and the impossible are the realm of science fiction. But the universe has proven itself stranger than science fiction. Many incredible advancements will come that would flabbergast all of us.

For example, a Physicists at the University of Connecticut are currently working on a machine which they expect will create a small time warp inside a loop of laser beams (if I understand correctly).

Here’s the background:

Einstein’s theory allows for time travel. It’s a fact. However, a big quantum physics theory, which is needed to support time travel is currently missing. What this means is, when you work with the possibility of time travel, you work on a very shaky foundation - in the dark.

One thing the physicists do know is the ammount of energy required to warp time would be incredible. This is why, when talking about the possibility of time travel, you’ll often hear about black holes. The black holes are one of the only feasible sources of such immense energy these scientists can fathom.

However, physicists have historically considered only Mass sources of energy. Einstein has shown both mass and light are interchangeable forms of energy. Thing is, and don’t ask me about the specifics - for whatever reason, scientists haven’t believed light could cause such a time warp, whereas mass could.

Enter, Uconn’s time-travel theory.
What these scientists are researching is what they believe to be a strong possibility that light DOES indeed cause time to warp under the right conditions. Several lasers will be pointed in specific directions and manipulated with electro-magnetic fields (so that, I believe, the light beams curve into a circle). Supposedly the energy inside that circle of light will be great enough to create a small time warp.
A neutrino will be thrown into the circle, and the scientists expect to possibly see a second neutrino appear out of thin air - the same neutrino from the future (probably just a fraction of a second later).

If experiments pave the way, the head physicist believes we may reasonably see a full-blown time-machine in our lifetimes. Such a machine would allow you to travel only as far back as the date the machine was built (I think you would have to come out of the same machine).

The way the professor described, it seems you would walk into the machine - once you were in you would keep walking with the perception of moving forward, with the exception you’d actually be moving backwards in time.

Sure, most of you will say ‘Looney tunes’. Maybe - but what was Galileo and so many other scientists who proprosed, for the first time, that reality might be different than first thought?

I think it’s incredible that such things may be possible, and only extensive research can prove wether it’s a flunk or a go.